September 14th, 2016


Lab 1


Protecting and submitting your work

When you submit your final class work, demonstrate a dedication to your design practice and show a sense of professionalism. Protect your work from smudges, wrinkles and bends by covering it with a piece of protective tracing paper.

  1. Cut a piece of tracing paper to the width of your work with about 1″ overhang on the top.
  2. Fold the 1″ overhang and tape it with a piece of drafting tape to the back of your work.
  3. Protect your work from spills, rips, and other accidents by carrying it to and from school in a protective portfolio.
  4. Write your full name and the project number (ie: COMD Project #1) on the BACK of the work in lower right corner.




Lab 2

  • Work independently (and silently). Feel free to listen to music using headphones!
  • By the end of class you should have completed at least one of the two compositions.
  • Individual meetings with Professor.


  1. Finish Inked Sketches (1 stable, 1 ambiguous) to present to class for critique.
    NOTE: Don’t forget to protect your work with tracing paper. Points will be deducted from your grade if your work is smudged, wrinkled or bent.
  2. Complete all Design Process Blog posts Phases 1-3 for Project #1.
    We will use the class blog to present finished work during the critique next class.

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