Advertising Card???

Photo taken at Seneca Ave, Ridgewood. Queens


Photo Taken at Myrtle-Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn

Cookie Package

Photo Taken at Myrtle-Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn


Its very easy to find an urban artifact in New York City and New York itself could also be considered as generator of urban artifact, because it generates enormous of garbage every single day. Three Urban artifacts I choose are advertising card, flyer and cookie package. Each of these artifacts may have a story  behind of its origin and how it ended up in that specific location, thus I made assumption for each artifact.

The advertising card is from a deck of card, a guy bought a poker card in a dollar store and went back home then decided to throw the advertising card since it useless, he threw the card form his window and the card fell on the street.

The Flyer lies in the middle of a side walk. It is not a surprise that its there, because there is a mobile serves store near by, probably they tried to sell their newest serves plan, but the people aren’t interested on that, thus, these flyers ended up in the middle of the side walk instead of in the pocket.

The cookies package lies next to a bench, perhaps someone came back from a long day of work and decided to take a rest on the bench before going home, but he felt little hungry, so he bought him self a pack of cookie for snack. After finished his cookie, he tossed empty package on the floor just like a typical New Yorker instead of the garbage can just few steps away.