As of July 12, 2018, there are two main textbooks required for this class. In addition to the required texts, you must bring to class one portable Dictionary, and have access to at least one Etymological Dictionary (the latter can be Online). Teacher will discuss details in class.

Our main textbook for this class is:

Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills (Sixth Edition) by John Langan

ten steps

(note: the cover may look different than this, above–it may be green.)

And the vocabulary workbook for this class—so far, please check back for updates—is:

Advancing Vocabulary Skills (Fourth Edition) by Sherrie L. Nist

nist book

Supplies you will need for class include:

Pens/Pencil — have more than one color of pen on hand, in case you need to write comments or edits in your coursework.

One Regular-Sized Composition/Spiral Notebook. (The notebook should be dedicated to this class.) This notebook will be checked periodically as part of Class Participation. Make sure your name and section number is on it!

Optional Additional—Portable—Notebook. This notebook is more for yourself. (You may wish to write in a smaller, less conspicuous notebook when in transit or in public.)

One Folder for Class Handouts.

Highlighting Pens

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