ENG 1121 OL48 Spring 2022

Transformation is New Perception

The End of Term

Yes, it’s that time.

If you look at the bottom of your Final Portfolios, you will see a grading rubric. (likewise for other late documents, if you know who you are)
The final semester grades have just gone up on CUNYFirst.

It’s been a tough semester, and also a rewarding one.

If we were in person, we would have a last class party and a group picture.

This year, we didn’t even have a “last class” per se.

I am not good at videos (as you can see), but I made this one last year for my Online students for “last day.” Maybe it will give you a vibe of what we missed. Take the best care of yourselves. Have a great summer. It has been great getting to know you and to be your teacher.


the home stretch

The Final Portfolios are in. If you were missing yours, I have tried to reach out to you. I am around via email for anyone who needs me, and will be giving you Final Portfolio grades in the next few days if all goes well. The final semester-grade rosters have not even come to me yet from the Registrar. Those are due on CUNYFirst on May 27. I wish you all a lotta luck with your finals. As you know, you don’t have one in this class. : )

It would have been nice to see you guys one more time on Zoom. We are not having any more classes now that it is finals week.

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