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Library for Section 115 today

Just a reminder that we will meet outside the Library today (Tues 5) and take roll. After the Librarian is finished with our Instruction Session, we can head to the classroom, or maybe stay in their Library classroom if they let us.

I have some responses to your papers; I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the readings. And I hope the you will find the activity that Nora (our Librarian) gives us edifying!

Privacy — for You and Your Posts

An artwork by M.C. Escher entitled "Eye," 1946.A reminder that OpenLab has a “privacy” feature for all posts. You can find it on the right side of the posting screen.

Here is an image of what it looks like:

Check "Visibility" EDIT for the privace option

You would select VISIBILITY and then EDIT to access the “Private” feature.


(Eyeball image, above, is an artwork by M.C. Escher entitled “Eye,” made in 1946.)

Tutoring is now available, in limited form, this semester

Hi Classes. In past semesters, tutoring was available for students who were having difficulty with their formal papers. You could bring in a draft, or a working concept, and have one-on-one time. This semester there have been some administrative changes and tutoring isn’t available they way it once was. However, a few teachers have kindly offered their time to help students in 1121. I know of one of them, Margo Goldstein; here are her hours and location:

Location: LG31. Proceed down sloping hallway across from Learning Center. LG31 will be directly in front of you.
Tuesdays: 12pm-3pm
Wednesdays: 10-11:30; 2:30-4:30
Thursdays: 1-4:30pm

Much gratitude to Prof. Goldstein for her help.

IMPORTANT — Library Sessions are coming up

Please take note: Our Library Instruction Sessions have just been scheduled for this semester. Your 1121 section’s date and time is listed, below:
Section D439 DATE: 2/27 (11:30AM–12:45PM)
Section E106 DATE: 3/4 (6:00PM–7:15PM)
Section E115 DATE: 3/5 (6:00PM–7:15PM)

On our Library Instruction date we will NOT MEET IN THE CLASSROOM. We will meet outside the Library entrance where I will take attendance, and then we will proceed to the library’s computer classroom upstairs.

Sessions take about an hour to complete.

What is our focus? We are going to have the Librarian show us how to make properly formatted MLA citations. What will we cite? It’s my goal that we use this first session to learn how to translate something from our SHELVES — those resources most important to us, personally — into MLA format.

What you should do to prepare for this session:
If you have not already done so, please post your list of personal influences (books, movies, music, etc…) to MY SHELF/MY INFLUENCES on our Open/Lab site.
If you prefer to keep your list private, you may check “Private” on  “Visibility” in the box to the right of the post.

(Personal note: I made a photograph of my SHELF. I am looking forward to seeing how our Librarian will convert a photograph of my favorite things into pure Information — usable in any research format. Librarians have magical powers. Well, I think they do.)

See you!

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