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Recipe on a Good Sleep

1.Bed – full/queen/king

2. soft comfortable blankets

3.cold , clean pillows

4. complete darkness

5. QUIET!!!!!!

Instructions – when you’re in bed make sure you are comfortable. if not, YOU WILL NOT FALL ASLEEP. Lastly, enjoy the next couple of hours.

Tesha Donald Unit 2 Assignment 1

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Faisal Rahman

English 1121- E106

Ten genres that I encounter in everyday life:

1.Texting 2.Novel 3.Online news articles 4.Non-fiction books (astronomy) 5.Online ads( YouTube, Facebook, and ads during browsing the internet in general) 6.Music: alternative rock 7.(TV shows: comedy, 8. Action) 9. Google maps 10. YouTube

I like watching YouTube videos the most and as a matter of fact that’s what I do for a big chunk of my free time. I watch a lot of “how to”, science, and funny videos in YouTube. It helps me to unplug myself from the  hassle of everyday life and gives me some motivation to carry on through the day. The audience for the science videos, mostly space science or astronomy, are people  who are passionate about space. These people can be very young, who just happen to have an interest in the topic, or people like me who are in college, and have developed a likeness for the subject as they grew older. The language and style in these videos are not formal and the reason being is that the video makers want to keep their audience engaged and not feel bored.

I think genres are different categories of information or types of communication. It helps us to find the type of information that we want since they are categorized.





Genre defined myself

My definition of genre is any form of communication capable of conveying info.

10 genres of everyday:

  1. Weather report
  2. Political views
  3. Rap
  4. Poetry
  5. Facebook
  6. Service manuals
  7. Cosmology
  8. Contracts
  9. Comedy
  10. Road signs

I like service manuals the best, because it is technical writing design to produce a specific result. The language used is English with the expectation of a High School education. The audience are technicians.

My understanding of genre is a form of communication between a writer and audience.



  • Pen or pencil
  • color pencil (optional)
  • sketch paper or any paper you want to draw on
  • eraser
  • ruler (optional)
  • Think of what you want to draw
  • structure what you want to draw (basically draw a skeleton of what you want to draw)
  • start drawing what it is that you what over the skeleton as your guide
  • when your done drawing the outline with guide, eraser or leave the guide and reinforce your outline
  • color or shade in the areas that’ll make your draw visually pleasing and stand out


Name 10 genres you encounter in your everyday life?

Music 1 pop, 2 rap, 3 punk rock, 4 bachata, 5 merengue,

Advertisement: 6 posters, 7 commercials, 8 radio

Tv shows: 9 drama, 10 mystery

Name one or two that you like best and say why. Who is their audience? What sort of language do they use? I enjoy listening to pop and punk rock music because its energetic and can easily put me in a good mood. Their audience is anyone that enjoys that type of music. Some of the songs do use some profanity in the English language but most don’t.

What is your understanding of the term “genre”? my understanding of the term “genre” is a series of things that are similar or sound similar and are categorized into one thing.

reading 2

Reading 2

  • This article (though somewhat old) mentions Facebook posts as a kind of genre. Can you briefly describe how comfortable you feel composing a piece of writing in this genre?

I’m very comfortable composing a piece of writing on Facebook because social media is

something that’s everywhere, and if people don’t get on to it, they will be left behind and wont

know what is going on in the world.

  • Do you feel more comfortable than someone much older than you — your Grandmother, for instance? Why do you think this older person might not write as well in Facebook as you do? What are some of the mistakes they might make? I feel more comfortable than someone older using Facebook because I’m more willing to understand it then they are. Not only Facebook but all social media has its own language that most older people don’t understand because they aren’t around it as much as younger people. Some mistakes an older person might make is to post a photo but will possibly tag a person that has nothing to do with it or it could be someone that they might not even know.
  • Dirk gives a few examples of titles in The Onion (a newspaper that was founded in 1988 at a college, btw). What was your favorite title?

My favorite title was “‘I Am Under 18’ Button Clicked for First Time In History Of Internet”.

  • On page 258, Dirk describes the rules we carry around in our head before we start writing in a particular genre. What are some of the rules you carry around in your head? Is there a particular genre in which you struggle to write?

Some of the rules I carry in my head when writing a poem are, it must rhyme, and it must sound beautiful. I sometimes struggle with writing research papers because I might not always find enough information to finish or write the paper.

shitty first draft

Reading 1

  • How many drafts do you typically make of a paper/piece of writing?

I usually do one draft and then fix it so it makes sense.

  • Do you write a “down draft,” an “up draft,” and a “dental draft” like Lamott says?

I write one draft then I read it, fix it so it makes sense then I read it again and fix any mistakes.

  • Were you surprised at her chapter’s title?

I was a bit curious at her chapters title because most writers don’t use words like “shitty” for a title. It made me curious to know what the chapter was really going to be on and it ended up being exactly like the title says a “shitty first draft”.

  • Do you think you will have to change the way you write a lot if you decide to write a “shitty first draft”? I don’t think I have to change the way I write because I already make a first draft when I do essays or papers, I just edit the first draft until it makes sense.

shitty first drafts

” Shitty First Draft”

Faisal Rahman

Eng-1121 E106

  1. I used to write one draft for each paper or  piece of writing. I would spend hours trying to write the best i could. I would write down a line and erase it after reading it over and over.  It was not very pleasant, and made me hate writing. But now I have started to write  multiple drafts after learning that its very time efficient, and that the quality of the final paper also comes out much better than just writing one draft.
  2. I am new to writing multiple drafts. but for my last essay “suffocating freedom” i wrote four drafts. once i started to write, my ideas just kept pouring. But the ideas in each of the drafts came out different. I would blame my lack of experience with writing drafts for this. Like i stated above in question 1, I am used to writing only one draft per piece of writing, so when i wrote multiple drafts for “freedom” I could not contain my ideas. That’s why my drafts were not “down” drafts, “up” drafts and “dental” drafts. They were just drafts with completely different approach and ideas.
  3. I actually was not surprised at the title of the reading because professor Schmerler already told me how the first draft always comes out bad, and that i should just write down whatever comes to my mind(even songs, drawings) and just keep writing. SO when i read ” the shitty first draft” it was a lot like what prof. Schmerler taught us about writing drafts.
  4. I will have to get over my persistence to write the “perfect” piece of writing in one sitting or in one draft to be able to write a “shitty first draft”.


Defining Genre

  1. The 10 genres are youtube, Facebook, Instagram, tweeter, news, movies, music, reviews, story, reading, and documentary.
  2. I really like to watch documentary videos, I feel kind of calm when I watch it.
  3. My understanding of genre is could be type or kind of music, writing, movies.
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