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My prep school’s crest up above taught me about what it means to have a good character – Virtue and Truth!


Books/Nursery Rhymes:

Humpty Dumpty – Taught me not to be greedy and to be satisfied with what I have.
The Three Little Pigs – Taught me the importance of always doing my best, not to be lazy.
Alice in Wonderland – Taught me how to be more accepting of the differences in others and not to be afraid of them.
Little Red Riding Hood – Taught me to be careful of people I didn’t know – everyone is not meant to be trusted, some people may want to hurt you.
Greek Literature Class in Prep School – We would read all the stories about Greek mythology. We would take turns in class reading about the different Greek Gods and the moral of the stories they taught me. This was my first inclination that other people and cultures did all have the same God and belief systems as I was being taught – It taught me to be accepting of different culture and to have an open mind to better understand the world.
The Holy Bible – The Bible taught me the concept of good vs. evil. It also made me into a deep thinker and to question things/life. It taught me about spirituality and to look beyond myself.
“Lord of The Flies” by William Golding – This book taught me about leadership, the dangers of group think and to always be prepared for the unexpected moments in life.



Dirty Dancing by Eleanor Bergstein – allowed me to see for the first time that other people enjoyed dancing just as much as I did and the importance of being accepting of others – regardless of their social class.

Annie by Carol Sobieski – taught me about children being in orphanages and if Annie could overcome all of her tribulations, so could I.

Revenge of the Nerds (and all sequels) by various writers – Taught me that it was okay to be smart, different and accepting of everyone’s differences. We are all unique and can contribute our efforts to be successful when we work together.

My shelf/My Influencers

TV Shows

  1. Friends
  2. Glee


  1. The Wizard Of Oz
  2. The Harry Potter Series


  1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by: Jenny Han
  2. The Daughters series by: Joanna Philbin

friends thought me how a group of people can be so different and all get along and love one another like a family. The show showed that its okay to be different because everyone will still love you for who you are and who you want to be. Glee was a show of 12 different people get along and not get along but still count each other as family. Glee has helped me to embrace myself and thats it okay to be different because people still around you will still care and love you no matter what you want to do with your life. These two shows play a huge part in my life because I have a group of friends that I count as my family because we get along and sometimes not get along but still love one another like we are brothers and sisters.  The Wizard Of Oz was and still is my favorite childhood movie I would always watch it sin along to somewhere over the rainbow. You get to know each of the characters like Dorothy is a little girl from Kansas who has a dog named toto, scarecrow has no brain but he is smart but he doesn’t even know it, tin man has no heart but he shows that cares and looks out for Dorothy when they go into the forest, cowardly lion has no courage because he is faring that he is not brave enough to be king of the forest. everyone can relate to maybe all three or one of the three characters. Harry Potter will and always going to be my favorite movie and book series. I first read harry potter in middle school and feel in love with the characters.

Tv shows / Influences

Greys anatomy:  By Shonda Rhimes

This show has taught me many life lessons, not to take anyone or anything for granted. It shows us how fast life can change within seconds and overall it speaks to your heart and makes you want to grab “your person” and hold onto them for dear life.

Power: By Courtney Kemp

This show has changed my perspective on New York City and all its drug dealing truthfulness. There is some serious life lessons within every show. It has also taught me the many devious doings of our justice system.

my movie and TV series list in memory

  1. Forrest Gump teaches that life can be so dramatic that everyone should try hard to realize their dreams.
  2. Cold Mountain is impressive because it remind people the cruelty of war and teaches them to cherish  peace.
  3. Wolf Warrior enhances the Chinese people’s national pride.
  4. Friends is one of the my favorite TV series. It’s very fun and a useful tool for learning English.

My Influences/My Shelf


The Struggle(The Vampire Diaries) Volume 1 and 2 by L. J. Smith


Roman J. Israel, Esq.-Directed by Don Gilroy

Erin Brockovich-Directed by Steven Soderbergh

These movies had impacted and influenced me into becoming a paralegal and much more. Into obtaining that degree

and advancing myself into a supervisory role and/or management role.

T.V. Series:

The Vampire Diaries-By Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec

The Originals- spin-off from Vampire Diaries -by Julie Plec

Both are excellent TV series, the shows teaches the moral that family is first and its important

that family always stays together through good and bad times.



My Shelf/ My Influences


  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
  2.  Searching


  1. Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier
  2. The Fold by An Na


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Searching taught me that it is best to be honest about how you feel rather than keeping it to yourself or writing it down. It is bound to come out sooner or later even if it is for the best or worst. It is best to address something as soon as possible rather than “waiting for the right moment” because things could become worse than it should. Girl with a Pearl Earring was a book assigned to me when I was taking Art and Literature in high school. It was a bit out of my comfort zone with the unexpected events, but it taught me about the reality of life compared to the typical love stories told by movies and books. The Fold that you should love yourself rather than undergoing the knife to become the “perfect face.” Sometimes it is not worth changing how you look to impress others.

IMPORTANT — Library Sessions are coming up

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On our Library Instruction date we will NOT MEET IN THE CLASSROOM. We will meet outside the Library entrance where I will take attendance, and then we will proceed to the library’s computer classroom upstairs.

Sessions take about an hour to complete.

What is our focus? We are going to have the Librarian show us how to make properly formatted MLA citations. What will we cite? It’s my goal that we use this first session to learn how to translate something from our SHELVES — those resources most important to us, personally — into MLA format.

What you should do to prepare for this session:
If you have not already done so, please post your list of personal influences (books, movies, music, etc…) to MY SHELF/MY INFLUENCES on our Open/Lab site.
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(Personal note: I made a photograph of my SHELF. I am looking forward to seeing how our Librarian will convert a photograph of my favorite things into pure Information — usable in any research format. Librarians have magical powers. Well, I think they do.)

See you!

Book and Movie

When I was in high school, I read the book To Kill a Mockingbird and watched movieTwilight. 

This book influence me because I learn many writing techniques that use in book to describe author’s life.


Tesha’s Shelf & Influences

List of Past Readings :

Children of Fire : A History of African Americans

Caribbean Currents

Past Things Watched

James Baldwin from “The Negro and the American Promise”

Current Readings:

Essentials of Supply Chain management

Strategic management in Action

Shopper, Buyer & Consumer Behavior Theory

Things Having Influence:

Music Influence is the greatest in my life : Bob Marley , Buju Banton, Sizzla , Garnett Silk Capelton, Beres Hammond , Jah Cure some of my favorite artists you will find me listening to.

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