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First Graded and Typed Essay for UNIT 1

Freedom Draft 2

Amina Rahman

Eng 1121D E115

Prof S. Schmerler


Draft #2 Freedom



We all wonder, what does freedom really mean? America in itself is constantly changing: sometimes it seems as if religion can get some people into trouble, which makes people feel as if they do not have a voice or a say in what they may or may not believe in. We need things to change because this society seems as if it is being caught up with the old generation’s way of thinking: this has us all separated, it seems. Now, let us take women for example, I feel like not enough of us have certain rights to be truly free. This needs to drastically change for the future. We need more opportunities and more freedom in our everyday life. Let us make a change, because the future will still involve women and there is no way around it. Women exist in this world and play a vital role. Take a pause and think, how would this world be if women ceased to exist? For me, that is something my mind cannot even fathom.

In Bangladesh, women do not have certain rights. We are held accountable for a lot of things, when in reality, we don’t deserve the blame for them. We’re expected, for example, to listen to men and forced to cover up our heads, because the men in this society believes as if it’s okay for them to make all rules. They think it’s okay for them to decide what’s good or bad for women. Ridiculous, right? Also they won’t allow women to wear short dresses and we must be covered from head to toe. In a Muslim family women are treated as property.

Additionally, the ignorance that many women possess regarding their rights are feared of repercussion from a male dominated and highly chauvinistic society, which keeps us from speaking out for ourselves, or try to at least. For example, a female who walks out of the house to go the Bazar (shopping) to pick up something. Males will be so quick to judge and question why is she leaving the house without a hijab (covering head piece).  So his mind is quick to rape her if she isn’t wearing one. This is sick, and we need to come to a resolution, because if we leave at a certain time, women in Bangladesh are targeted, threatened or harassed.

Another example, living under men’s rule is annoying and they think we should live a double standard life. Double standard means a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups, especially when applied between women and men.  I’m sure nobody wants to settle for that. At the end of the day we don’t want to be treated as second class citizens or property. We should be treated as equal.

In the Malcolm X reading, we see that he went through a hardship. He was locked up for burglary. Malcolm X, one of the most influential Black leaders of the twentieth century, found his life during his jail time. He got letters when he was locked up. From the day he got locked up he began on his journey to become a better reader, by studying the dictionary and learning words everyday and for a better vocabulary. This was his way of writing letters. Reading, writing, and understanding was his goal to improve. Education was important to him. During his time, slavery and separation was still present.  Black people didn’t have the opportunity to get an education. Malcolm wanted a change. He taught himself to be educated. At the end of the day, his life changed for better. He eventually dedicated his life to Islam, and to Mecca, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. He was chastised for changing his name from a caucasian man’s last name to X. When Malcom made his pilgrimage he changed his name to el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. I see this as a great example for the evolution of oppressed women in some religious belief systems.

Overall, Bangladeshi women don’t have authority as much as men do. I can compare this to myself, a Bangladeshi woman, and Malcolm X , who lived in the Islam world. Malcolm X got locked up and he was still able to build his life to become a better person. Whereas even women suffer from discrimination in Bangladesh from the way clothing is worn to the way they’re being treated. Freedom is defined differently in people’s life, but, freedom, however, should be defined equally for both men and women.

A recipe, and a poster on procrastination

Procrastination Recipe

Procrastination on a 10 Page Paper

Needed things

  • Project due date
  • Lazy student
  • Distractions
  • Energy drinks
  • Anxiety
  • Lots of panic

So your 10 page paper on a table is due in 48 hours. Good luck. Cancel all plans and cram as much as you can in there.



  1. Spend the first 2-3 hours researching your topic
  2. Reward yourself with 15-30 minutes of youtube/ videogames
  3. Lunch is coming up, so go prepare that
  4. 4-5 hours have passed, you should create a outline
  5. Spend 30-60 minutes on an intro
  6. Reward yourself again
  7. For the first two pages, write only about the creators of the table
  8. Give your hand some rest, It’s been almost 8 hours of typing
  9. Realise you spent too much time procrastinating
  10. Panic (10-15 minutes)
  11. Spend the next 4-6 hours typing
  12. Go back and edit sentences
  13. Edit again to make longer sentences
  14. Relax , you spent all day writing
  15. Go to bed
  16. Don’t sleep for 3-8 hours
  17. Panic in bed
  18. Get out of bed
  19. Eat breakfast while working on the paper
  20. Add citations
  21. Add more Sentences
  22. Realize you only need two more pages
  23. Nap
  24. Nap too long
  25. Wake up in a panic
  26. Rush the paper
  27. Realize the paper is too short
  28. Add more citations
  29. Extend sentences
  30. Submit

Notes: It’s your fault you had 48 hours



Zenabu. A Yahuza

Eng 1121 – E106

Prof. Schmerler


One of the beautiful quotes of famous John F. Kennedy is “The road to progress is freedom’s road.” One might ask what is freedom then? From my opinion freedom is an innate right which humans have since their birth. Therefore, is the choice to live one’s life doing what one wants, live where one wants, eat by own choice and learn what one’s heart desire.        


Freedom is not something that can be seen, touched, felt or reached. All this gives a thorough idea about what freedom is.

Different people have different opinion, definition and thoughts about the idea of freedom. Some talk about freedom in political sense, some talk about social freedom, some about personal independence and some define it as religious freedom. But the fact that everyone wants to be free, holds true in all cases.


Every society define and understand the concept of freedom in their own manner and enjoy their freedom the way they see and feel is appropriate to them. Enjoying our freedom does not mean that we take the rights of others for granted and live the way we feel right. We have to consider the rights and the feelings of people around us when living our freedom.

Similarly, a free person does not have to fear when expressing his opinion ensuring that others respect and feelings are not hurt.  

For that being said, freedom should not be deprived from any individual. Deprivation of freedom is like a punishment to human being. Therefore, as every individual is allowed to enjoy his or her freedom, but we can fail to realize that freedom has a limits and going beyond the limits can hurt others and can also hurt the individual as well.


For example, one can drive freely once a license is obtained, but one cannot run traffic lights or stop signs and should not speed as these violations put others at risk. Also every individual in a country has the freedom to speak in favor or against a government or to be part of the government but many people might take the advantage of this freedom to hurt others through hate speech or violent protest.

In conclusion, it is true that freedom is considered as a birth right and every individual in a given society is entitled to enjoy his or her freedom at any point in time or in any circumstances. But by doing that we should always remember with too much freedom comes a responsibility and has limits which we shouldn’t be go beyond as discussed in those examples.

Finding Freedom






According to the Internet, Freedom is “the power or right to act,

speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” ” A

state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.”

Coming from one type of life to another life can be phased in

different ways.  Life itself is filled with situations.  One can face

these situations at any given point of their life.  Decisions are

conclusions or resolution someone makes after considering a



We all have to make a decision in our life that might be tough or

easy.  Some people make decisions that can make them or break

them.  In other words it can either cause a person to become

important in life, or it can cost a person their life.  As I take a look at

the word freedom and study its meaning: self-determination,

independence, self government, liberty,and emancipated, gives me a

clearer understanding of some of our activists that made history.


Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr., both fought for one thing that

was common, and that is “Freedom”.  They wanted equal human

rights between races in America.  Malcom X had his own way of

fighting for that freedom.  He challenged the mainstream civil-rights

movement.which sparked hate between himself and others in a

violence.  Martin Luther King used the strategy of non-violence and

boycotts in order to get equality between races.


Going back even further in our history, Frederick Douglass had one

thing in common with Malcom- X which was educating himself

through reading and writing.  Motivation is “the reason one has for

acting or behaving in a particular way”.  “The general desire or

willingness of someone to do something”.  Both Malcom X and

Frederick Douglas had a rough start in the early part of their life.

They did not let that stop them from achieving their goals in life.


Confinement can be both mental and physical because it deals with

the present state a person is in. This state could be mental or

physical.  As I read the article on Malcom X, I understood that he was

in a state of confinement mentally and physically.  He was physically

locked up behind bars.  So this is a state of confinement.  No freedom

to do as he might have wanted to do.  No freedom to go where he

might have wanted to go.  No freedom to maybe speak the way he

might have wanted to speak.


On the other hand, Malcom X found strength in reading.  In books,he

found his freedom. In books, he found a new life, In books he learned

so much that a brand new world began to open before his eyes.

While being confined to a jail cell for most of his hours daily, Malcom

X, became fascinated with learning all he could. He kept reading and

educating himself all the time.


I felt encouraged, after reading this article about Malcom X.  I was

really motivated by this article.  A few years ago I remember reading

a short story about Malcom X, this article covered one of the main

parts of his life. I asked myself, have I self taught myself anything in

my life? The answer to this question is “yes”. The steel pan is a

National instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. This instrument can be

easy for some and difficult for others.


I was taught the basics, I played with some small musical steel-

bands, and even had some private lessons; but little did I know, that

one day I would arrange songs all by myself, and play them at small

functions. I also remember that someone was having a function.

They wanted the steel pan music to be a part of this function. They

wanted me to listen to two songs on the CD and arrange the music

for these two particular songs to play at this function as a tribute to

the person that was being honored.


I listened and listened to the music, over and over and practiced the

sounds over and over, until I got the final product of what I was

working on. I also had to give music notes to another friend that

helped back me up for this event. This made me proud. Looking back,

I did not know that I could of actually accomplished what I did all by

myself. I felt free. This feeling of happiness is freedom.


There are some things in life that seem simple for others while on

the other hand these same things difficult might be difficult for

others. As for me, even if I accomplished playing the steel pan, there

are still many who are much better in arranging music and

distributing music to different sections of a steel band. A full steel

band can have about seven sections. The names of these sections

are: Tenors, Double Tenors, Double Seconds, Guitar, Cello, Tenor

Bass, and Bass. I played the Tenor pan. Playing some of these pans

for some sections can be difficult.


For me, playing a Tenor pan is not difficult, but can become difficult

according to the amount the music that must be learned in a short

space of time. Also, for competitions like Panorama, the steel bands

usually play at a certain speed, and tempo to get the sound the

arranger wants to hear. This can be a difficult thing to do. Trying out

different things is something I enjoy doing. Challenging myself to try

out things even if a task seems difficult is worth giving a try.

Freedom is state of mind

Bilal Javed 

English 1102 E115 

Professor: Sarah Schmerler 

Freedom is a state of mind 

Freedom is birth right to every person in my opinion. What is freedom? One might ask this question throughout different times in their life.Once I read somewhere, saying freedom is a state of mind. There was picture of bird in an open cage next it. That got me thinking that we define our own happiness and freedom. Moreover, it differs from scenarios.  We can control it just by putting restraints on our life. Sometimes restraints are the reason that bring out a passion of learning in people. So, one can argue that freedom is self-defined.  I would give certain examples from my personal and professional life experience that will explain how freedom or restraints are self-defined by a person.  

Freedom is knowledge and being able to do my own stuff to me. As I will explain as follow.4 years and 8 months ago, I was back home in Pakistan. I grew up in a small city called Wazirabad. You could drive around that city in 20 minutes on a motorcycle. There was not much to do. Yet I was not allowed to leave my city. I was 17 years old. All of my friends would visit bigger cities close by and do fun things. I felt envious of them because my parents were over protective. There were some good perspectives to it. But to me It felt like I was in prison. I had to find a way to channel my spare time. I spent most of my time using computer for gaming. As it turned out because of games. I had acquired a new skill of typing, computer hardware and software. I did not realize that up until I was required to perform a task required typing in my class. On that way when I was standing in my class only one with knowledge of technology. I had a strange feeling. This was a feeling of self-accomplishment. This was the feeling of freedom. Because I did not have to rely on someone to my task for money. I did not have to wait. all along I was looking for a feeling of being allowed to travel as a freedom. But as it turned out real freedom was being able to do my stuff on my own. 

Freedom is getting granted my rights. When I got to US, I was 17 years old. I had to support my family. Yet I was not legally allowed to work at that age. So, I took the first job I found on cash. I had to work on $50 a day for 11 hours every day. My job description included dealing with boxes that were heavy.  making space in a packed basement. And sometimes I had to take care of store owner’s home furniture jobs. Which were not part of job. I was supposed to be sales associate. I knew it was not legally right the way he was treating us. Sometimes he would make us stay 2 hours extra. There was no pay raise either. I felt trapped at that point. I wanted to leave but I had nowhere else to go. Also, I had to provide my family with financial support. As soon as I turned 18 I left that job for a job. That day I felt more free than ever. 

Freedom is being able to keep what I want to keep in my life. In my culture premarital dating in young age is seen as taboo. So, most people around their adolescence years consider freedom as being in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. Here is one such case of my friend. Thinking so he fell in love with this girl Samantha. He was happy in beginning. Thinking he is all free. He can do whatever he wants. But turned out the reality was different. His girlfriend was jealous type. She made him give up all his female friends at first. At this point he started to have a conflict with himself. Little did he know his feelings had become a prison for him. He was trapped in what he once thought was independence. He bared through this pain for a year. One day, she demanded of him to be disrespect his family and mother. At that moment his perspective changed, and he choose a freedom from that relationship. 

The point of these three events is to show that a person defines his/her own independence. Also, the case of relationship shows that person’s definition of freedom is changeable according to his/her life experiences. Yet I know some people who would find happiness; in scenarios where I felt imprisoned. In short, the meaning of freedom has changed a lot to me. However, at this moment, freedom is knowledge and independence of others to me. 


Freedom in Perspective

Jacky Sam Wu

ENG 1121 D438

Prof Schmerler


                                                                                                Freedom in Perspective


Freedom is the right and power to choose on what you say , think , and act without hindrance or restraint. Most of us have a different perspective of freedom. The most common freedom rights that we come across in America , usually on a daily basis, is to travel, read, write , and express ourselves. Unlike us, other countries aren’t in favor with the same rights that we have. I personally think that freedom is power in choosing your own actions and beliefs at your own risk. With all of your experience, freedom will make you self- secured with yourself. Being self-secured means to be happy with yourself through all of your hardships and experiences in life. We have the ability and power to choose what we want, but many of us decide to stay quiet.

We should all ask ourselves on the things we have done in our lives and if they were conflicted by someone or something. Did that thing affect you mentally or physically? Or both? Having restraint or conflict is a sign of opposing the power and right of freedom. Most of us take advantage of this and ignore how important freedom is. As I mentioned before, being self-secured plays a main factor when it comes to freedom and experiences. Many of us might failed or had a bad experience with freedom, but being self-secured at the end is a major part of it. Self-security lets you know more about yourself and no one knows you more than yourself. Usually, freedom is restrained by someone. They are against your actions or beliefs because they think of the opposite of it. You might agree or disagree , but in the end, it makes you to reconsider your freedom. It’s not particularly a good or bad thing. It lets you rethink on your freedom.

Since I was in elementary school and all the way to high school, my mom was very strict in making me this “perfect and successful person.”  She would appoint me to music classes and private tutoring sessions. These classes were usually after school or on weekends.At that time and till now, I play video games all day. My perspective of freedom was choosing what I wanted to do , but I didn’t have a choice to decide if I wanted to take the classes. My mom would always tell me that it’s already paid for and I would always attend them. Yet, It did not mean that I was interested or entertained while doing so. My grades weren’t doing so well either.  My mom would always listen to her friends and tell me what their sons and daughters were doing. I have a sister and she is older, but unlike me, she is successful. She is in her last year of college to get her master’s degree in psychology. During my junior year in high school, my mom decided to lay off and let me act on my own. I took advantage of that and I would lie to her on my progress in school.  To this day, I regret all the things that I didn’t do. I was offered freedom in education when I was younger and I didn’t approve of it. Through this experience, I learned how to gain a better perspective in life with responsibilities. After all of this, I thought that I had a gaming addiction. I would ignore any life responsibilities and leave them last minute. My family and friends were invisible in my life. I would barely see them throughout my years. My new perspective of freedom was choosing how to fix this with my own risk. I decided to lay off my games and focus on myself. I feel more self-secured with myself after changing my bad habits.

Most of us learn to take actions and better ourselves when we are in a low state of hardships. In “Learning to Red” , by Malcolm X, it states, “As you can imagine, especially in a prison where there was heavy emphasis on rehabilitation, an inmate was smiled upon if he demonstrated an unusually intense interest in books. There was a sizable number of well-read inmates, especially the popular debaters. Some were said by many to be practically walking encyclopedias. They were almost celebrities. No university would ask any student to devour literature as I did when this new world opened to me, of being able to read and understand.” This shows how someone like Malcolm who was in prison, learned how to read on his own. His hardship was being in prison and he took it upon himself to fix and better himself by learning how to read. He spent his time in prison, learning and reading the dictionary. Later on, he becomes one of the most powerful leaders of black America during the 1960s.

Freedom has different meanings and perspectives. Most of us views freedom as a way better ourselves mentally or physically. You are the one that picks and changes on what you believe and act on. Malcolm X showed an example of his own experience of change and responsibility after being sentenced to prison for 7 years. We all get to pick how we act in our own ways and it’s up to the individual to treat the changes and conflicts in any way.

Assignment-2 Essay

Nigar Sultana

ENG 1121 – D349

Professor Sarah Schmerler

March 3, 2019

Freedom is power

Freedom is power. However, it can be defined in many ways. People take the choice of freedom in different ways. Some people take it as power, some people take it as just a choice of life. For me, freedom means having no difficulty in life. It is quite different and difficult for me to choose freedom as a choice. Because of coming from different culture and background, I must say that I have to think twice before enjoying freedom in my life. From the dictionary definition- Freedom is power to act, speak or think. I think this is not enough to describe about freedom. Sometimes not having the chance to talk, act or think by ownself is a different kind of freedom too. I think that not having enough freedom in life is more beneficial than having all the rights to speak, act and think. Having too much chance to expose our thoughts can be destructive in life.

I am 22 years old married woman from Bangladesh. I use woman here because I am married and I am old enough to use “girl” beside my name. This is my freedom of choice to introduce myself to the world. I could use “I am a young lady who is married for 2 years”, but I didn’t. It is because I am used to hear this “woman”, “married” words in my life for last 2 years. I was young when I was in Bangladesh, I didn’t have freedom to choose anything except choosing things from my parents options. I feel that life was beautiful when I didn’t have freedom; life was beautiful when I was stuck in between my parents choice. They knew what I should do, they knew where I should go. I didn’t have freedom to use any kind of gadget and social media (even though if I used then they knew the information about my social media account). This restriction made me responsible about my duties and taught me importance about time. I was aware about my homeworks and assignments, I was on time in class, I was afraid that bad grades would make my parents upset. All I knew was making my parents happy by following their instructions. But honestly, I never felt that I need freedom. I was happy with my restricted life.

After came to New York, I started using mobile phone at the age of 18 and I discovered a lot of new things. I started going to high school all by myself and my parents were not worried about me for this anymore. I don’t know why, but this made me so upset. I missed my concerned mother who used to drop me to school in the morning and pick me from school in the evening. Day by day, they also stopped asking me about my class test, attendance and my grades too. It was more pathetic for me, because their concern always gave me inspiration to do better in school. I was missing my past life back to my country. One day I decided to talk with them about it. Then my father replied that I have the freedom to do anything here except getting involved in any unusual thing or person. It didn’t satisfied but still I didn’t have any choice to argue with him.

On February, 2017 I got married. This was my choice. There are several reasons to choose getting married so early for me. My older sisters got married lately at the age between 29-30. But I choose to get married because at one point I realized I can’t live life without any restrictions or instruction. I needed a guardian and a supporter too. It’s not that my parents do not support me. I wanted someone will show me the right path, someone who can listen my thoughts and help me to choose right thing, someone who will tell me what is wrong for me and what is right for me. I am lucky that I got someone in my life whom I was looking for. Many people might say they don’t like others to interfere in their life but I choose to do the opposite. I wanted to share my life with someone who can guide me. My husband doesn’t control me or push me to do anything. He just show me the how to do such things. Also, he takes my opinion when he takes any decision or when he is lost. So, this was my freedom of choice for not getting too much freedom. I am still learning a lot of new thing because of this and I am happy with this decision.


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