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Two readings responses:



Responses for “Navigating Genres”


  1. Facebook posts are based on the writer’s will, unaffected by any limiting factors that would restrict writing in another genre.  Therefore, the writers can post anything they wish to express freely. I feel much more comfortable than old people because some old people are worried more than ever about privacy. For example, some old people don’t like to post their birth date in public. Sometimes they use  emojis in a strange way.
  2. My favorite title is “Commas, Turning Up, Everywhere”. I’m curious about it. Before I start writing I have to keep the rules in mind. I learned the rules about the writing of summary and analysis last semester. The most difficult particular genre in this semester so far is the writing without ascending letters.


Responses for “Shitty First Drafts”


  1. Normally I make two drafts in a writing: the first draft and the final draft. The first draft is just everything about the topic that popped into my brain according to the outline, then I fix and edit the first draft to a complete final draft.
  2. I’m not particularly surprised by the chapter’s title because I always have a “shitty first draft” too. I think if I make an outline in advance before starting the first draft, then I don’t need to make changes to the way I write. 

Early today……

I get up at 6:30am as normal. I was late for work yesterday, so I have to finish breakfast quickly and take the subway as early as I can. There were not many people on the street, seeing as it was the middle of winter break. Unfortunately, there is no break in college. Recently my neck has been hurting, which could be a result of me spending plenty of time on my computer and smartphone. When I got home in the evening, I laid on the sofa and did nothing. I realized that I ought to do some exercises. I took the hot yoga class last Thursday. It was a very tiring exercise that had my muscles aching for what felt like ages. Two days later, I survived! 

my movie and TV series list in memory

  1. Forrest Gump teaches that life can be so dramatic that everyone should try hard to realize their dreams.
  2. Cold Mountain is impressive because it remind people the cruelty of war and teaches them to cherish  peace.
  3. Wolf Warrior enhances the Chinese people’s national pride.
  4. Friends is one of the my favorite TV series. It’s very fun and a useful tool for learning English.

my fear

Lots of adults and children love small animals. But I ‘m afraid of animals, even like cats and birds. When I was a child, I had a close friend who lived next to me. I remember that time I visited her house around 9am, she was still in bed. After we talked for a while in her bedroom, she decided to have breakfast. Before she left the bed, a cat ran out of her blanket. The cat didn’t attack me, but I was terrified nonetheless. So I have never touched cats since that time. I will admit that cats are tame, but I still can’t overcome the fear till now.

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