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shitty first draft

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  • How many drafts do you typically make of a paper/piece of writing?

I usually do one draft and then fix it so it makes sense.

  • Do you write a “down draft,” an “up draft,” and a “dental draft” like Lamott says?

I write one draft then I read it, fix it so it makes sense then I read it again and fix any mistakes.

  • Were you surprised at her chapter’s title?

I was a bit curious at her chapters title because most writers don’t use words like “shitty” for a title. It made me curious to know what the chapter was really going to be on and it ended up being exactly like the title says a “shitty first draft”.

  • Do you think you will have to change the way you write a lot if you decide to write a “shitty first draft”? I don’t think I have to change the way I write because I already make a first draft when I do essays or papers, I just edit the first draft until it makes sense.


I’m alone and its dark, I’m scared but its not the dark that  I’m afraid of it’s what or who is in it. I’ve been shot and I’ve lost a lot of blood but I’m alone and can’t stand or walk. It’s dark but I can see, and I realize that it was all a dream that I didn’t descend alone. I can’t breathe there’s water all around, I’m immobile, I hold on to what isn’t there, I twist, turn, toss, shake. I twitch as I lose the last breath in me while I sink to the dark blue and watch the bubbles rise.

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