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“Shitty First Drafts” by: Anne Lamott

I usually write like maybe two drafts before my final draft. The first draft would be a huge mess of just words thrown into the mix and then I will sort them out and type my second draft. I usually write a draft as Lamott describes, which is funny because it sounds a lot like me. I laughed when I first saw the title when I first saw it. I believe it makes perfect sense it reminds me of how I think, when sometime seems off or makes no sense yea its shitty alright.  After reading this, I will definitely approach my writing in this type of fashion because I feel that this excerpt describe me when I start a  new writing assignment.

My Influences/My Shelf


The Struggle(The Vampire Diaries) Volume 1 and 2 by L. J. Smith


Roman J. Israel, Esq.-Directed by Don Gilroy

Erin Brockovich-Directed by Steven Soderbergh

These movies had impacted and influenced me into becoming a paralegal and much more. Into obtaining that degree

and advancing myself into a supervisory role and/or management role.

T.V. Series:

The Vampire Diaries-By Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec

The Originals- spin-off from Vampire Diaries -by Julie Plec

Both are excellent TV series, the shows teaches the moral that family is first and its important

that family always stays together through good and bad times.



Fear & Cure

Jason Morales

CUNY of Technology

English 1121-Section E106

Prof. Schmerler



Assignment #1:                                                                Fear and Cure


When I sit down and think about my greatest fear, I have to admit that the fear of heights comes to mind. I can think as far back as when I was a child that the fear of heights has been in the back of my mind. I can’t stand in front of a window in a high rise tower without the feel of light headiness or scared. I can’t even watch a movie that has a scene of someone looking through a high rise window because I get nervous.


In honestly I don’t know what would be a cure to that fear, but I do remind in search of the cure.

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