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Shitty First Drafts

Depending on the assignment I normally do two drafts, reading this article made me realize that I’ve always been doing “down drafts, up drafts and dental drafts” without even realizing but someone finally put it in words.

I wasn’t surprised by the title I think it was pretty straight forward. Shitty first drafts are supposed to be somewhat shitty, so I don’t think that will change. But I can see myself now focusing on lowering the voices when writing.

Nelson Graff / Teaching Rhetorical Analysis

In this article “Teaching Rhetorical Analysis to Promote Transfer of Learning” by Nelson Graff, discusses his ways of teaching students to learn and analyze the different ways of rhetorical analysis. Also helping students think about writing in ways to improve their work. The knowledge the students absorb will also be useful for them outside of school.

Backpack vs. Brief case Laura Carroll

In this excerpt written by Laura Carroll, talks about the rhetoric analysis we all  make and the responses we get without realizing. We’ve learned to interpret  and analyze these types of rhetoric and its become a common thing for us that we don’t realize how fast we preform it. This learning and thinking style teaches us to express, create and be more open.

Tv shows / Influences

Greys anatomy:  By Shonda Rhimes

This show has taught me many life lessons, not to take anyone or anything for granted. It shows us how fast life can change within seconds and overall it speaks to your heart and makes you want to grab “your person” and hold onto them for dear life.

Power: By Courtney Kemp

This show has changed my perspective on New York City and all its drug dealing truthfulness. There is some serious life lessons within every show. It has also taught me the many devious doings of our justice system.

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