Summary of All Assignments

Ami-Lyon Monsanto


English 1121

UNIT 1- the constraint writing.. i would like to say this is 1 out of 2 of my favorite because i enjoyed you giving us a topic but we couldn’t use certain letters. this was a challenger and i can proudly say if in the future i receive a similar assignment i would be successful in it and write about our fears.

Fears:  I’m afraid of sharks and snakes. i don’t like the look of snakes and how they eyeball you like he wants to eat you. Don’t get me started on how he slither towards his food –  i am the food! – . Snakes have the audacity to climb on us but whats worse are the sharks – this is the reason why i don’t run towards the ocean when i am at the beach.  sharks attack with no hesitation. he smells fear but if there is a scratch.. BLOOD ! its over for me!i am done. this is the reason i am afraid of sharks and snakes. DO NOT GET MY STARTED ABOUT INSECTS!!!!!!!!

Cures: we are on a universe where we can escape our nightmares however when we close our eyes the nightmares are there. i refuse to go anywhere where there is snakes,sharks or even insects.

UNIT 2 – when we had to write a recipe about what we was good at. i personally is good at sleeping – and eating – but this was my other favorite which makes it 2 out of 2.  who wouldn’t want to write about something their good at. when we shared each others recipe ,response to readings, write a poem on what we was good at.

Poem for Sleep

Sleep, sleep , sleep

Oh how peaceful you are

comfortable bed

So nice and warm

mines forever

never letting go

sleep , sleep ,sleep

how dark the room is

deep into sleep

its that easy

you’re head into the pillow

which is so cold


soon i will fall asleep.

Recipe for Sleep

  1. bed – full/queen/king
  2. soft comfortable blankets
  3. cold or warm clean pillows
  4. complete darkness
  5. peace and quiet

Instructions – when you’re in bed make sure you are comfortable. if not you will not fall asleep. lastly, enjoy the next couple of hours.

Response to Navigating Genres – Honestly , it all depends on what you are writing. i personally wouldn’t put anything personal on Facebook. Everybody on that app has put some B.S or just wants to post but overall, there has been post that are true,heartwarming, scary,photoshopped and more. Facebook is not an app you want to play with meaning – you can be watched and stalked. Some rules that i keep in my head – well i only keep one rule – to be completely honest and hold nothing back PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

Response to Donald Murray –

While reading this, i realize that i personally do not re-read my own work nor do i revise my work. i simply just write and edit , re-write it and hand it in. what shocked me was the professors that read Murray book and felt as if they didn’t know what they were doing anymore.  This article and the “Shitty” articles are similar in many ways.

Quote from Murray Article from a professor ” My students are smarter than i am. I have to rewrite and rewrite many drafts”.  He felt embarrassed because he had to rewrite over and over again. I don’t think that makes you question your intelligence.

Response to Shitty Drafts –

I do not write “Down Draft”, “Up Draft” nor do i write a “Dental Draft” , i personally feel like its a waste of time to write all those drafts for one final draft where the reader will still find any little mistake. I wasn’t surprise at her title because its true but all drafts are shitty. I handwrite my essay, re-read then when i am satisfied of what i read and i corrected my mistakes that’s when i re-write my essay which will be my Final essay.

UNIT 3- even though i didnt hand it in physically i did write about toxic relationships and this is what i had s far.

Being in a toxic relationship can lead to many physical, mental and emotional situations where you look at yourself in the mirror and dont even recognize who you are. relationships may seem so “beautiful” but in reality it takes a lot of self working in order to be with someone. As i wrote these few sentences so many flashbacks started playing in my head.  You need to love yourself before you love anyone else.

UNIT 4 – that was very challenging to the point where i gave up.

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