Stephanie Flores

ENG 1121 D439


My Journey – Final Reflection


Dear Professor,

        My journey throughout this semester was refreshing. It was a totally different experience than my first English semester. This style of the class made it easier for me to break out of my shell. Having the opportunity to share my work in a circle was motivating because I felt supported and acknowledged. Giving the chance to introverts to participate and to be free to express their real thoughts without any judgments was challenging but helpful. With the sharing in a circle, I was able to relate to many of my classmates. We all have different writing format but share the same characteristics in life college, friendship, work, stress, and relationships. Personally, I think my writing wasn’t the best dealing with many grammar issues made realize that I still have problems to fix. However, this class taught me a lot from respecting my classmates to listen to the amazing writing classmates.


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                                Unit 1

Unit one was very shocking and confusing for me. The fact that I was going to be limited in using letters in my assignments was strange. We did a constraint writing that was writing without descending letter on fear and one without ascending letters on the cure. The task was challenging in the beginning because most of us are not used to changes and these types of restrictions but it works out okay. I realized a person can bring out their creativity through having limitations. We also wrote a freedom essay in which we describe freedom to our point of view. Personally, I believe freedom is having the opportunity to use time in the way you want. Being free to express yourself and having people around you that support and motivate you to thrive to become the person you are will be what freedom is to me. We also wrote reflections on “Navigating genres” which was one of my favorite.


                                                             Unit 2

Unit two was more challenging for me because it requires me finding what my skill is. I believe that I’m a good cook who is not afraid to try new things. During this unit, we were asked to write a recipe for something we do well. We had to choose different genres for our topics. Giving steps to be a cook was tricky for me because my skill doesn’t require much but does need the patience of a person. Then we had to think          


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about who we were writing this for. We had to impact and teach the audience the importance of our skill. I enjoyed writing the recipe for a good relationship.

Unit 3

Unit three was a little complicated for me at the moment. I know I had to use the previous assignments to write my research. I wrote an essay in which I explained a situation in which women are categorized in being cooks.


Unit 4

Unit four was extremely difficult for since I’m not good at making digital versions of an assignment. I got anxious and nervous knowing that I had to create a video about my topic. I decided to make a podcast in which I interviewed a friend about my topic and realize how everyone has different perspectives than me.