Khondakar Taslim
ENG-1121 Section # E115
Professor Sara Schmerler
“My journey”

Everyone has an aim in life most of the people they have different types of future plan. My aim in life is to become a software engineer. Why I am interested in this field? I love to work with the computer to do something I enjoy learning new things exploring new things such as like industries, languages also I would like to understand how things work and how to solve the problem. I want to do in something fun in my career that’s why I chose this program. I am trying hard to achieve my goal. Just counting the time when I will finish my program to get my degree.
When I started school I was excited and nervous as well. My first semester gave me a hard time because I didn’t get a good schedule with nice professors. So I was upset on my fall semester. This semester I mean spring semester I had a nice schedule I got chance which professors I want to take. On this semester I had two major classes. I was excited how will be these classes and I was thinking maybe I will not understand the course because most of the people were saying it will be hard still I am doing good on those classes. I hope next class will be fine like this semester. I know my major courses will be hard each semester, but I will try my best to accomplish my aim I have to.
In this semester I have learned so many things. Each course was so fun with learning fundamental things. My professors help me where I face problems. Try to help me out which one I did not receive my fall semester. The good professors always matter to me. I think good professor always try to figure out what the student problem how they can teach the student a better way student will learn easily. In my English1121 Professor Schmerler was very nice. I am so lucky because I got a chance to take professor Schmerler. She is knowledgeable to try to understand her students. Professor makes the course very easy and fun. I am not a good writer professor inspired a lot about writing. I think I can write a little better than before. From this class, I learned most of the writing conditions and vocabulary.
In this class, we have 5 units we write so many things. In uniting one we wrote about fear and without ascending letters cure, freedom essay, we had a reading portion as well we read by Laura Carroll called “backpacks v. Briefcase” also “Grammar to Get Things Done”. In uniting two about choose a skill something you good at. We listened to ten types of genre to encounter our life. We were written recipe we had an example of it. We had reading assignment “Shitty First Drafts” by Annie Lamott And “Navigating Genres” By Donald Murray.
In unite 3 we had researched about our genre. I was confused about how I should work on it. I did not understand from where I should start. I had some issues on my genre. Who is the author, audience what is the purpose of it? In uniting 4 professors as to take the research what we did in unit 3 of our skill or interest to do it like digital of our choice (video, interview, or podcast).
This semester was challenging for me. I think this semester went very nicely with learning a lot of things with fun. Just flu so quickly I wish I will accomplish destination quickly.