My Journey


This class was very unique. It’s my first English class that didn’t have any tests such as the midterm and the final. Our first couple of constraint writing assignments were tedious, but it gave me a new way to approach writing. This was my first year in college and I was still adjusting to a college level environment. I struggled in following in what we were doing. I had a difficult time in placing my work and social life with school. Unlike my other classes, this class felt like it wasn’t about teaching us english, but it was about teaching us to communicate with strangers and to get any information off them for us to think about when we read or write. I can’t say that I took all of this into consideration, but I can say that this class gave me a new perspective on how to view and approach other classes.

Unit 1

This unit was our first unit that we covered in class. The first assignments were constraint writings with a formal essay at the end. I enjoyed the constraint writing assignments because it gave me the opportunity to brainstorm and think of synonyms which is something that we don’t do often. One specific constraint writing assignment was about your fear without descending letters and the second part was finding a cure. This assignment was fun because I have never written about my fears before. The freedom essay was also part of this unit. I’m not a fan of writing essays , but this essay was about my own experience with freedom and what it means to me. Thus, I found it easy to connect to.


Unit  2

Unit 2 was the most fun unit of the class. The recipe assignment was extremely fun. My special skill was building computers. When I started to write down the recipe, everything came out smoothly. I did not struggle at all because building a pc is very easy to me and I know all the steps. The 2nd assignment was to take this skill and turn it into another genre. I had decided to make a reddit style dialogue between Windows and Mac consumers. I enjoyed this one because I am in favored of one side only.


Unit 3

This unit confused me  at first. The assignment for this unit was an inquiry research project.I couldn’t find a big problem with my skill in building computers, so I changed my research topic to my major in Graphic Design. The issue in graphic design was the career itself. Like other jobs, there will be flaws in it. I think that a graphic designer is underrated on how much work that they have to do to please everyone. That is why I decided to make my research project on graphic designing.


Unit 4


For unit 4, we had to make a digital genre for our research topic. I decided to make a magazine layout satire style for graphic designers. It took me a while to find images that showed certain problems in graphic designers. At the end, I enjoyed this assignment because I got to use inDesign.


Unit 1 


I recognized some ways in overcoming my worries of passing away, minus the expert assistance. First, gain a grasp on your worries of passing away by comparing your anxiety to your worries of passing away, Recognize the connection on anxiety to anticipation. Ignore any issues that you can’t sway or control, such as  age and time. Review and recognize how life and passing away are in the same cycle. Finally, gain support from a mental health therapist.


Freedom is the right and power to choose on what you say , think , and act without hindrance or restraint. Most of us bring unique and different perspectives of freedom. The most common freedom rights that we come across in America , usually on a daily basis, is to travel, read, write , and express ourselves. Unlike us, other countries aren’t in favor with the same rights that we have. I personally think that freedom is power in choosing your own actions and beliefs at your own risk. With all of your experience, freedom will make you self- secured with yourself. Being self-secured means to be happy with yourself through all of your hardships and experiences in life. We have the ability and power to choose what we want, but many of us decide to stay quiet.

We should all ask ourselves on the things we have done in our lives and if they were conflicted by someone or something. Did that thing affect you mentally or physically? Or both?

Having restraint or conflict is a sign of opposing the power and right of freedom. Most of us take advantage of this and ignore how important freedom is. As I mentioned before, being self-secured plays a main factor when it comes to freedom and experiences. Many of us might failed or had a bad experience with freedom, but being self-secured at the end is a major part of it. Self-security lets you know more about yourself and no one knows you more than yourself. Usually, freedom is restrained by someone. They are against your actions or beliefs because they think of the opposite of it. You might agree or disagree , but in the end, it makes you to reconsider your freedom. It’s not particularly a good or bad thing. It lets you rethink on your freedom.

Since I was in elementary school and all the way to high school, my mom was very strict in making me this “perfect and successful person.”  She would appoint me to music classes and private tutoring sessions. These classes were usually after school or on weekends.At that time

and till now, I play video games all day. My perspective of freedom was choosing what I wanted to do , but I didn’t have a choice to decide if I wanted to take the classes. My mom would always tell me that it’s already paid for and I would always attend them. Yet, It didn’t disclose  that I was interested or entertained while doing so. My grades weren’t doing so well either. My mom would always listen to her friends and tell me what their sons and daughters were doing. I have a sister and she is older, but unlike me, she is successful. She is in her last year of college to get her master’s  degree in psychology. During my junior year in high school, my mom decided to lay off and let me act on my own. I took advantage of that and I would lie to her on my progress in school. Till this day, I regret all the things that I didn’t do. I was genuinely given the freedom in education , but I neglected it. Through this experience, I learned how to gain a better perspective in life with responsibilities. After all of this, I thought that I had a gaming addiction. I would ignore any life responsibilities and leave them last-minute. My family and friends were invisible  in my life. I would barely see them throughout my years. My new perspective of freedom was choosing how to fix this with my risk. I decided to lay off my games and focus on myself. I feel more self-secured with myself after changing my bad habits.

Most of us learn to take actions and better ourselves when we are in a low state of hardships. In “Learning to Red” , by Malcolm X, it states, “As you can imagine, especially in a prison where there was heavy emphasis on rehabilitation, an inmate was smiled upon if he demonstrated an unusually intense interest in books. There was a sizable number of well-read inmates, especially the popular debaters. Some were said by many to be practically walking encyclopedias. They were almost celebrities. No university would ask any student to devour literature as I did when this new world opened to me, of being able to read and understand.”

This shows how someone like Malcolm who was in prison, learned how to read on his own. His hardship was being in prison and he took it upon himself to fix and better himself by learning how to read. He spent his time in prison, learning and reading the dictionary. Later on, he becomes one of the most powerful leaders of black America during the 1960s.

Freedom has different meanings and perspectives. Most of us views freedom as a way better ourselves mentally or physically. You are the one that picks and changes on what you believe and act on. Malcolm X showed an example of his own experience of change and responsibility after being sentenced to prison for 7 years. We all get to pick how we act in our own ways and it’s up to the individual to treat the changes and conflicts in any way.

Unit 2 


Ingredients: All suitable computer parts. (Tower, GPU, CPU, PSU , Fans , Coolers , RAM, HDD/SSD, Motherboard , etc)

How to Build a PC:

  1. Ground yourself before you start (Work on a hard surface)
  2. Install the PSE or power supply on the mounting area with the fan facing down or up(Down is most recommended)
  3. Take out the motherboard and open the CPU latch. Remove the plastic cap. Add thermal paste (A rice size amount). Insert the CPU and close the latch.
  4. Install the RAM. Unclip the RAM locks and the RAM module notches. Then insert them in. Push down on either side until it securely clicks in , but be very careful. Don’t force it in.
  5. Install the motherboard by placing your case horizontally downwards and screw it in.
  6. Install your SSDs and HDDs with the SATA connectors. These are a 15-pin flat.
  7. Add your case fans.
  8. Install your GPU by unscrewing the rear PCI brackets.
  9. Turn on the on switch behind the case.
  10. Plug in your cable and turn on the power
  11. If it turns on, then start to install your peripherals. If it failed, then turn off the switch and go back inside and find your problem. Most likely it’s the RAM. Make sure they work and they aren’t broken.
  12. Enjoy your computer.
  13. (Optional) Organize your cables if you want to be neat.

Genre Dialogue 

Mac Vs PC

Mac Vs Pc
Genre – Dialogue

Users: Mac Fan, Pc Fan,, Undecided Consumer,

and Mutual Consumer


                                   MAC VS PC, WHICH ONE IS BETTER?


Mutual Consumer: Mac has a bigger entry price with quality and it displays more artsy. Pc is more affordable and more heavily geared for your typical consumer.

Pc Fan: Nah Bro, PC, fuck Apple.

Mac Fan: Well, aside from that person’s intellectual point, Macs don’t generally get viruses like Pc does.

Pc Fan: First of all, Pc users who get viruses are generally stupid enough to get a virus. You get viruses because you willingly downloaded a virus. Also, Mac is expensive and their hardware is literally the same shit as windows, but more expensive.
Mac Fan: Having built in safety from any virus is still a useful thing to have. Not everyone is perfect. Also, our Macbooks have built-in cameras and we get free softwares like Garage Band, iMovie, and Image Capture, It should benefit designers and editors with a better quality. Pc

doesn’t have these gadgets.

Pc Fan: Mac is still shit, you’re taking quality over performance. Pc doesn’t have these built in gadgets, but we can easily find free softwares online. Talk to me when you want to play games on your Mac.

Undecided  Consumer: You’re basically saying that if you’re a designer or an editor, then you should go for a Mac. Pc has more geared hardware which is generally used for gaming.

Mac Fan: Yes, I think it’s preference over the consumer’s personal use with the computer.

Pc Fan: That’s one thing that I can agree on, but don’t use your shitty gadgets as a bait to buy a mac.

Mac Fan: I’m not using it as bait , but I was stating facts on what Macs offer.

Mutual Consumer: Mac and Pc can be used for work, school, etc. Mac is more expensive than Pc, but it depends on what you wanna do on it. If you want to design, get a mac and if you want to play games then get a Pc.

Undecided Consumer: Yea, that sums up on what everyone said. Any thoughts on Linux?

Pc: lol get the fuck out dumbass.

Mac: Look somewhere else.

Mutual Consumer: Sorry bud. You’re on your own lol.   

Unit 3 

Topic: Graphic Design


Is graphic designing difficult/stable and a high demanded career? This research topic will benefit those who are in the Communication Design field or those who are interested in this field. Economic questions about web designing will be discussed. Web designing looks to be in need in the next upcoming years. From my own research, upcoming companies need web designers to promote them. Because of the need for this position, a web designer’s salary could possibly be higher in the next couple of years. The current average salary for a graphic designer is $43,540 a year. According to PayScale, it says, “The average pay for a Web Designer is $43,540  per year.” Of course, this depends on who you work for or if you’re a freelance. A freelance is someone who works for multiple companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company. Being a freelancer lets you pay off your expenses such as computer, office furniture , and software applications that you need.

Is it hard to get into this field? This field is part of the communication design major. This major requires you to put a lot of dedication and time to practice your skills in graphic design. Some principles that you want to master is typography and usage of adobe cc applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. If you’re interested in drawing or hand drawing things rather than graphic design with technology, then it will be much harder for you. According to ThoughtCo, being a fine artist takes an extreme amount of work. It entails that you must accept any changes that may come such as, changing your style, understanding different cultures, and know that not everyone agrees with your work.As of right now, most graphic design jobs require you to know the usage of adobe cc applications. Having a job as a hand drawing artist will be hard, but it can be achieved with the right mindset and dedication.

There are some things to know when you’re a web designer on the job. Dealing with clients can be difficult and it’s your job to know how to deal with them and communicate with them. Remember that your client doesn’t know the principles of graphic design and they may have a different idea on what they want. Working on a project for a job is like doing a project in school which means that it won’t work out in the first try. In other words, your first time or first draft won’t be perfect and this will require you to have a lot of dedication towards  your work. A very important thing to have is a portfolio. Go out and make a name for yourself, so you can get hired and recognized. This can be very useful if you’re planning to be a freelancer. Being a freelancer lets you work from your home, work on multiple projects, learn on the job, and choose which projects to work on. But , always remember that you need to find clients. A fine web designer will always be working to get to the top.

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Unit 4 

My Work: Satire Magazine on Graphic Designers 



Inspiration video that I found on Satire for Graphic Designers