My Journey

Ami-Lyon Monsanto


English 1121

Dear Professor ,

I really enjoyed your class even though i was confused 99.9% of the time and had no idea of what was going on but what i can say is , i really enjoyed your teaching techniques , how you made it comfortable and safe place for everyone to say what was on their mind without being judge. I was really nervous the first day but that all went away when i met David & Caitlin – my besties !!!! those two are always there and i love them for that even though we did get on your nerves sometimes when we laugh – sorry about that.

NOW lets get straight to business.. since my middle school years , i have never met someone who 1. had WONDERFUL taste in music 2. was completely honest with her students and 3. let us know that whatever we said was safe in the room. I am not going to say that everything we did was easy because none of it was but i will say this – my brain did run out of fuel in April. i had no more Gas.

I am not going to write a lot honestly because i don’t want this to feel like this is the end or a “goodbye” because it’s not. But i will say this – Thank You for challenging me in ways i didn’t know how to, pushing us to do our best because you knew we could do it even if we didn’t think so ourselves. As i write this , there may have been a few tears but its okay. i really appreciate you.

Sincerely , the girl who loves her caramel frappes ( Ami-Lyon)