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My Journey

Personally this semester for me was way less stressful compared my first semester. I wasn’t alway loaded with work to do, it was very manageable. It was manageable because I understood what was needed for me to do and completed the task quick and effectively. Conducting myself in this manner allow me to better myself in the long run because being able to my work like this is help me do job in the career I’m pursuing. Another reason this semester had little to no stress because I only had one final with 10 or less questions and took only three test thing whole semester. Even though I’ve have a easier I’m not gonna take for granted when I go into a more hardcore work induced semester I will be prepared.

The only major challenge that I faced this semester was that one of my classes was extremely hard to pay attention to. She was a very on professor that sat down in class the whole time, rarely engaged with student, had the most boring/uninteresting voice known to man, and the best part was that her monitor where she taught the class was bigger then she was so I basically never saw during class time unless I had a question. But this didn’t stop me from doing well in the end because I pass all of her  three test after studying on my own. So besides that everything was fine.


Unit 1:

Unit 1 is when we did my favorite assignment all semester the constraint writing assignment because it forced me to expand my vocabulary because I was limited and it made me improvise. Which was a many step writing process, first assignment was to write down fears that we have without using descending letters, second was the cure to this fear by only using descending letters, and another by writing a statement without the word the. The assignment that I felt that I could have done better on is the Freedom Essay because it was personal. The Freedom Essay is about when and how you broke free from a situation. When things are personal should be able to explain and elaborate on but for me it really wasn’t and I didnt have any other story to tell that dealt with being free.

Unit 2:

This is also another assignment that I enjoyed doing is choosing a skill that your good at and write a recipe on how to do it. At first I thought it was gonna be easy but it was a little difficult because I create without really thinking about the process and write it down due to the fact I did it so much for so long. I also thought that being able to translate our recipe into something completely different told out to me because what we are capable of doing. This something turned into realistic fiction for me and had to take it bit further and analyze it to get a better understanding of the realistic fiction.  Objective is simple find a example of your genre and analyse it to see what are the elements of that genre. I was a bit confused doing it but it turn out ok because I got a good reaction on it, and did it twice because it wasn’t correct the first time around.

Unit 3:

This until was where I was the most confused because you wanted a research paper about our topic but not a traditional one which start my confusion. I didn’t know any other kind of research paper also didn’t know what to write my research about. So in this state of confusion I sot help by going to office hours with you which helped sort things out so that can understand what to do.

Unit 4:

I know I wasn’t the only like this that did not understand what to about this video based off our research paper. The first urgent problem that I didn’t know how to make a video in the first place. Lucky at the time I was at office hours you introduce me to Dylan and was able to help me with my video. Even though I had him to help me with the video I still had no idea what to make the video about till one day Dylan gave me the idea to make a time-lapse of a drawing. I am having a problem that I see the video he edited for me hopefully we could get this problem solved.

Unit 4 — Multi-Modal: 

This video is meant to show that anybody can be an artist. By doing something simple can be created into a piece of art.

Unit 3 — Inquiry / Research:

Wilfny Pelissier     

Why Is Art Undermine?

“Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts, expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power” stated on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art. So our best bet is to see that art around us all the time. But some of us yet has come to realize this in the first place or aware of this is even possible. Whenever people see that this is true people will be able to appreciate art more. Art inspires us all in every aspect of our lives our food, the homes that we live in, and clothes that we wear. The real question is that do we neglect so much in our society.

There is a lot of mixed opinions about having a career in the art industry. The website www.quora.com/Why-is-arts-looked-down-upon is where people share their opinions why people may look down upon artist or people in the art industry. Chris Davis PhD, Learning Consultant/Coach says “ It is a question of values. The primary value of our time is economic benefit. Studying the arts is not perceived as a practical pursuit that translates into the economic benefits of studying engineering, business, or healthcare. As a question of values, there is no objective reason for arts should be looked down upon. What he is saying isn’t fully true but is not a lie. Art is especially important in history to tell and represent important moment in history. John Palmer, Retired Art Advisor, Fiduciary for the Artist and Collector defends artists and states Historical most artists do not make a great living. They require a social net for support. This is seen as mooching off of others and in most cultures it is looked down upon as being lazy. You will note that in society an Illustrator has a higher ranking than a Fine Artist, but in the “Art world” generally an Illustrator ranks lower. This makes me wonder what are the most paid artists 1. Art Director… 2. Art Agent/Business Manager. … 3. Art Professor. … 4.Commercial Artist. … 5. Animator. … 6. Interior Designer. … 7. Graphic Designer. … 8. Art Gallery Dealer. … 9. Advertising Designer. … 10. Freelance Writer, gathered from www.bestcollegesonline.org/highest-paying-jobs/arts-majors/. C. Johnson, Atari, SLAC, LSI, uP, DSL points out very important  topics that is are very relevant and he states that “My sense is that it tells us more about the person who has this judgement. They value work more than life…. Let me go further, an individual who states that art is irrelevant? Typically, when I hear such an opinion, it comes from a person with four views. View of themselves:: virtuous and superior. View of the world: competitive, troubled, needs their opinion to set things straight. View of others: irrelevant, inferior. View of what they feel: impatient, indifferent to opinions different than theirs. Art is a subjective media and it speaks to our feelings and emotions in terms of how we connect ourselves to what it means to have a life. Work is a means by which we may pursue our lifestyle, for some it is their purpose, but not for all.”

Gathering this information shine the light on the humanities values of society. We acknowledge the outcome of whatever product but not the idea that enables product, our imagination and creativity. The after is better than the before in this case. Our building block is imagination, creativity, and curiosity without this we wouldn’t be human we be something else. It is the matter a fact that we build up on these things made us more educated and advanced than our ancestors. This follows the notion that everyone is an artist but still people believe that they aren’t because they are disabling themselves of what they are fully capable of due to the assumption that it isn’t that important when on the contrary it is.

Unit 2 — Genre and Rhetoric:



  • Pen or pencil
  • color pencil (optional)
  • sketch paper or any paper you want to draw on
  • eraser
  • ruler (optional)
  • Think of what you want to draw
  • structure what you want to draw (basically draw a skeleton of what you want to draw)
  • start drawing what it is that you what over the skeleton as your guide
  • when your done drawing the outline with guide, eraser or leave the guide and reinforce your outline
  • color or shade in the areas that’ll make your draw visually pleasing and stand out

Example of Realistic Fiction:

Kame, Kind. A Falling Leaf. Teenink.com. Teen Ink Magazine. Published November 2, 2018. www.teenink.com/fiction/realistic_fiction/article/1015021/A-Falling-Leaf

The girl walked outside for another day of work. Everything was the same in her life except for the four seasons that had seemed to come each year. It was the beginning of the month August and everything was at it’s ending point from summertime. She smiled happily when smelling the full blooming flowers and the air and bright colors of nature. Across the patches of grass in her neighbor’s yards, you would be able to see see the bright pink and purple peonies and sunflowers blooming with joy.


  She could smell that the trees had small flowers and the fresh smell of ripened fruit that were ready to be picked and peeled and eaten with delight. Everything had a purpose and if something didn’t, it now would. The dog she had with her was twitching when noticing a bird,whimpering at the sight, but instead still kept it’s obedient demeanor. A few months had passed and it became fall. As she walked outside she noticed that she stepped on a half torn leaf by the crumpling sound and let her dog bring it to her. She felt it and realized it felt like crumpled paper. She knew that leaves in this time were said to have tinted shades of brown, yellow, orange, and more fall themed colors. Everyone this year either grew pumpkins in their front yard, or had bought them from a local store for the children to decorate and take part in this months holiday. This made her smile even more. This was the only thing she could enjoy and occupy herself with.


 Even if her ability to be able to see all of these wondrous things was non existent, she knew she had to use the other senses she had in life like any other day. Till the day she died, she vowed never to forget these 4 seasons again, she won’t forget her happiness from it. She lost what she thought she needed to be able to experience this as she did when she was a young child. She walked with her dog again, letting him lead her to the place she needed to be, Letting this moment settle in, for the last few days of her life.

Analysis of Realistic Fiction:

I want to say that Realistic Fiction can be best described as a story where anything can happen in the real world and anyone could experience it. The author of this topic has to able think put a creatively spin on these stories while keeping it as realistic as possible. The kind of community that this will pertain to are people who has wide imagination that looking for a different way to see the world that they live in today.  Some key vocabulary or language terms you might find that are common in this form of writing is that they lie mostly in the description of things or a scenario. The sorts of ways that people try to write effectively in this genre is when they desire or despise something to occur.

My version of Realistic Fiction:

I was tired one day so I did what tired people do.  So I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. As my mind wondered  I thought of all the things that I didn’t have. So I decided to start drawing everything that I didn’t have but wanted. The first thing I drew way a mansion, go kart track in the back yard , my own chef ,and even a indoor basketball court. I came to realize that my  drawing where coming to life and so the next thing I knew was that the was living in this house that I drew. And when I realized what I could so I start drawing even more things money, fast and luxurious cars, clothes, even a helicopter, and my own business. So things were looking good because I living like a billionaire. One day driving to work in one of my amazing cars a truck hits me head on and jump screaming from my bed.

Ticket Genre:

Ticket for Vandalization:

Date: July 20, 2018

Time: 12:49 p.m.

Officer: Richard Sherman

Offender: Wilfny Pelissier

Location: Prospect Park

Offense: Vandalizing handball court wall. Spray printing graffiti

Fine: $100

My Shelf

  • The hateful 8
  • “Us” the movie
  • the batman
  • gravity falls
  • plant of the apes
  • Street Dream II “Logic”
  • Keanu Reeves “Logic”
  • Legacy “Logic”
  • Regular Show
  • Iron fist season 2
  • Batman who laughs or DC metal
  • Bohemian Trapsody “Logic”
  • John Wick 1, 2, and 3

Unit 1 — Language and Metacognition:

Summary or Reflection of Unit 1

  1. When I first got the constraint  writing assignment I initially though it was going to be really hard because my vocabulary was going to be limited.  After I completed it I enjoyed myself because it was difficult but satisfying. I was able to expand my vocabulary because it forced me to use words that I wouldn’t usually have. For the second constraint writing assignment I believe that things got more challenging because we are only able to only use descending letters. When got done with that it felt even more satisfying because it was harder.
  2. The most important thing that I observer was that this exercise made me write more creativity. This experience tested me mentally because due to the things that I can do which all stem from the restrictions that was given to me and offset what I am used to.
  3. I would say that I could adopt adapt  based on this assignment to other situations in which I find myself  writing in another class but cant seem to think of one but I do believe I will be able to do so.
  4. Some difficulties that I realize that I am facing that I dont always include details and I just get straight to the point.


The heavier I breathe the more nervous I become because I know actions have a reaction. So I made an effort to breathe and think about this situation, but the one concern i had was I needed the cash. So I aimed my six shooter at the clerk and demanded the cash. The clerk realize the nervousness and he reached under the counter so I fired a shot and took the cash and ran as fast as I could.


You were an nicer son  growing up, people unaware  you’ve changed minus me. Organize a primary way so can carry on joyous.

Freedom Essay:

Think back on your childhood how was it? Well I had great childhood, I was way more socially activate compare to myself now. I was active in school play every single sport that they had to offer, art classes and even attend hip-hop dance classes that my school offer at the time because my elementary school was a performing arts school. So for me going to school was amazing time for me because I was always doing something. But when I can home I felt that my days were cut short. This was so because I go home and usually do homework then the day would end and spend the next ten to eleven hours in bed waiting for the next day.     

The bedtime something that many kids are subjected to when growing up. I believe that mine was more harsh than anybody else’s because i had to be in bed at 8 pm. In school I asked my friends if they had bedtimes across the years that I slept at this time their answers was usually none slept around 10 and hearing their responses made me angrier because my hours staying up were so limited. Sometimes I would ask why do i have to sleep at this time and told off that “oh because you have to”. Also hearing the same thing for so long made me mad, who would because what kind of response is that.  

I was fed up living like so when I was in the 9th or the 10th grade i told my older brother who gave the bogus bedtime rule that there is no reason for me to be sleeping at this time because it is wack. So my brother of course didn’t expect what I said at first, so I ask him the famous question again why do i have to sleep at this time? Looking dumbfounded I get good grades and get good grades so there isn’t a reason for me to doing this especially when have basketball practice and other things that I can do after school, and so he just said alright. Looking back now oh boy I hate and ashamed that fact that I had to do this up until high school which is crazy to have such a restriction. This the only thing I hated about my childhood.