“My Journey” including my Narrative as a Student in English Class this Semester

Submitted by: _Amina Rahman in lieu of Final Exam, ENG 1121

Section #:  English 1121-E106

Date: 5/21/19


Dear SSchmerler,

This semester been a long journey. I’ve gotten to spend first English class (English 1101 C/D438) which I took two semesters ago. Now I got to spend another semester for this class which is (English 1121-E106). I’ve made the best decision in choosing your class. You made everything fun and made everyone open up (got students to talk). One thing is that you never changed and you always stayed mutual. I love your personality, you’re so bubbly, sweet, outgoing, and very helpful.

To my classmates who were so quite are now opened up to speaking more and reading out loud. I’m proud of each of my classmates who participate and followed prof SSchmerlers way of teaching. You made everything as simple and didn’t let anyone suffer. You made it quite interesting and still got to do research while having fun with it.

To be honest I will forever miss this class. This was my favorite overall class out of all. I’ve been going through a lot of stress this semester and I may say she made it a lot easier and made me read more than before. I used to dislike reading. Because of this class made some interesting topics and followed along which I succeeded the most.

I can’t thank you enough thanks for all the helpful benefits you have taught me. This will defiantly help me in the long run. I used to like English in high school but for some apparent reason I started to drop in college but also picked up where I left off. English will help me dig into more research for my major. But thanks again for making this class special. I will miss you and cherish the moments we shared in class. I will keep you in my prayers.








[Amina Rahman 5/21/19]