By Alkabass Muaz,CNN.
Updated 1:30pm EDT. FEB05th,2019

Wrestling Injuries In High School
Wrestling is a very competitive sport. It consists of using your hands ,feet and you can use your body as a weapon to defend yourself from any take downs.


Some setbacks in the sport are getting injured by another wrestler or hurting yourself from an overly aggressive move. Another big factor that may cause your fighting abilities to be stressed is fighting on an empty stomach. There are limitations that fighters must follow. In some fights some opponents tend to break these rules, leading to much  more serious injuries.The first rule wrestlers in High School all know is to wrestler in folkstyle, not in freestyle. The second rule is not to do dangerous moves of any style. For example Alex is an 18 year old student at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. Alex was one of the captains of the Franklin D. Roosevelt wrestling team. He was a very hard worker who always came to practice and try to push his team to do better and give motivations before any match or tournament. They had a city tournament which was in Lincoln High School in Saturday February 5, 2019. It was a troubling day for his team because they had lost a great wrestler. Due to a move by Emir, a wrestler from Midwood High School,  Alex’s to broke his arm.



This picture shows what happened to the captain Alex at the end of the match (Alex’s  arm in the city tournament). He was such a great wrestler people were saying After Alex left the match and went to the hospital. This accident stopped him from wrestling in the state tournament. However Alex’s coach Daniel Michael, said that he will do his best to help Alex to get better so he can wrestle next year. Coach Daniel also said he had lost one of his best wrestlers this year.

As a CNN writer, I hope that arm accident won’t cause him to stop the sport. I also hoping to see Alex Mick next season doing much better and getting in shape and do very well after his injury. Alex had followed the wrestling rules, but his opponent did not follow them which caused the injury to Alex’s arm.