Amani Shihadeh
ENG 1121 – D439
My Journey – Final Reflection


Dear Professor Schmerler,

This semester probably was one of my most difficult, with both being in school and work full-time it was hard to keep up at times. School has always been very important to me and no matter how hard it gets I always end up toughening it out because I care about my performance and grades. This English class had to be the most interesting English class I’ve taken, I definitely did not expect sitting around in circles sharing our creative writings, thoughts and ideas. At first I was not comfortable with it because, I’m more a sitting through lectures type of student. But being in this class has helped me in many ways, I can’t speak for the rest of the class but I definitely feel more confident in my writings and expressing my ideas because you taught us there is no such thing as a “wrong” piece of writing/idea and to just write anything that comes to our minds. I was able to dig deep and explore the many ideas I always had but was never able to express them through writing because I didn’t know how.

I’m not the best person to write essays, but in this class we were allowed to pretty much write whatever we wanted however we wanted and without the stricter guidelines that allowed us to write sounding like ourselves. Writing constraints was my favorite and least favorite, because just the idea of writing without certain letters seemed impossible but it definitely wasn’t, and hearing the many writings from my classmates just wowed me to believe that the more we dig deeper allowing our creativity to shine, anything is possible.