In this unit, some topics have been discussed such the freedom and thy types of genre. Actually, I had a big challenge to define what genre means, not me only but most of my class,  after some research and some discussion with my classmate (as my professor instructed) I start to understand what is genre means. My genre was about something that I passion for which is my dream company (Lockheed Martin) I decided to write about its biography and it was fun. It was fun to write about something you passion about and also is your homework at the same time.


Shitty First Draft

Actually, the chapter’s title attracted me to read the chapter as fast as possible to know what it is about. The way that the author described that she writes and most of the writers write to make it is easier for me to write if I follow her way and definitely I will. Usually, when I try to start to write I take a long time to decide to write the first word, but the way that she stated that to write whatever in your mind it hasn’t to be in order is a good approach to follow. For me personally, I write three or four drafts to come up with the final draft.


Navigation Genres

When I write on Facebook I feel much less stress than when I write formal writing such an essay.

Sure, my parents can’t write or respond on the Facebook posts as I do, due to the age differentiation.

I feel more comfortable when I write on Facebook. The older people feel when they have a basic smartphone as they having over technology in their hands, so they can’t write comfortably as I do.

One example I liked from that the author mention is “Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race of Skeleton People” I see it funny because this is what the archaeologist should discover.

I am like most students don’t like to write, but I have no problem to write any kind of genre as long as  I gather information about it.


Defining Genre

  1. The 10 genres are you tube, Facebook, Instagram, tweeter, news, movies, music, reviews, story, reading, and documentary.
  2. I really like to watch documentary videos, I feel kind of calm when I watch it.
  3. My understanding of genre is could be type or kind of music, writing, movies.



Name       :Wael Nagy

Course     :ENG 1121, E106

Professor: Schmerler



Receipt of design a Gearbox



  • Computer
  • 3-d software like inventor
  • Information and knowledge of the design that being worked on.
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Book references for calculation formulas and equations.



You have to do deep research about the project that you going to design, define the possible material that you see it the best to use it based on the research that you did ( you have to define the material first, you will use the type of material in the calculations).

To guarantee the best design with less error, start in your design with consulting with your classmate, your professor, or with your coworker. Sometimes others see problems or things that the designer himself could not see it.



Name: Wael Nagy

Course: ENG 1121, E106

Professor: Schmerler


Is freedom absolute?

People always say I have freedom, I do whatever I do, but actually, they are not having absolute freedom they have limited freedom. For example, you are free to drive your car whenever you want but you are not free to cross the street while the light is red, that is mean there are rules and regulations you should follow, that is constrained your freedom, yes you are free to follow the rules and regulations or not but you have to deal with the consequences if you choose don’t follow, that is mean you are partially controlled not absolutely free. For me, I believe that the freedom has to be constrained by rules and regulations.

Freedom cannot be absolute, it has to be constrained, from my perspective freedom is limited if it going to hurt someone. These words that I always tell my son when he asks me to do something or not, I always tell him you are free to do whatever you like as long as you put the other people’s rights into consideration.

Yes… we can say there is absolute right, that is mean that I have the right to eat whatever I like to eat, I have the right to wear the clothes that I like, I have the right to learn what I like to learn, actually I have the right to do whatever I like without hurting someone else. For example, Malcolm X was in a prison that means he had no freedom but he had the absolute right to learn and educate himself without any sort of constrained and also without hurt someone else. This

example shows my point and shows the difference between the absolute freedom and the absolute rights.

If we imagine that everyone does whatever he or she likes without some sort of restriction the world will be kind of messy. For example, I remember the day that the electricity cut from the city, a lot of people went into big stores breaking the window glasses and took whatever they found. This is proving my point that the freedom should be restricted to the rules and regulations, not absolute freedom.

Moreover, the USA government believes in my point of view, how?? They put a restriction on selling some material to a certain age and much more such, entering the country illegally, suicide, prostitution, all these kind of rules and regulation made to save people’s lives and also to save others’ freedom not to restrict their freedom.

Using the absolute freedom without consideration to rules and regulations could be a crime and put people in jail, for example, if anyone tries to break the rules and regulation that the country put, it will end up in jail.

In conclusion, freedom cannot be absolute in the other word people cannot do whatever they like without putting the other’s rights and the rules and regulations into consideration. Yes, people have an absolute right to do whatever they like such, eat whatever they like, dress whatever they like. The people who practice freedom without considering the rule and regulation will end up in jail.



Name       : Wael Nagy

Course     : ENG 1121, E106

Professor: Schmerler


Lockheed-Martin Biography.

Lockheed Martin is an American international company that works in deferent sectors such aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies. Lockheed Martin is a result of combining of 2 companies, Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta. Lockheed Martin has a huge number off employee; based on 2018 statistics it has approximately 110,000 employees worldwide. 

Lockheed Martin considered among the largest companies in the world that work in these sectors. It has the largest defense contractor in the world in 2014.

Lockheed history starts a long time ago since 1926 when Lockheed establish his company as Aircraft Company, then a few years later john Northrop a chief Engineer join the company and developed a four-passenger monoplane, it was the first aircraft that succeed and achieved several records, this success was the start for Lockheed.

During the period of World War 2, Lockheed had a contract or association with the US government and had been starting to gain a good reputation not only in the USA but around the world.

In 1995 the big merge had been started between Lockheed Company and Martin Marita Corporation to be one company that is Lockheed Martin.




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Name       : Wael Nagy

Course     : ENG 1121, E106

Professor: Schmerler


Genre Analysis

My kind of genre is a biography; it is about Lockheed Martin company biography, the reason that I chose this company is my passion for it.

The audience of my genre is public people especially the people who interest in this company especially who are looking to work for it.

The kinds of people that may benefit from this writing are a recent graduated, student, and career-shifting employee. These kinds of people can benefit from this writing by having knowledge and information about the company may help them in many things such interview.

The purpose of this writing is to have more information about the company that I love from the research that I did, it may help me or help someone else read it in many things such in a job interview.



Biography Example

Biography Example