Student Name                        : Wael Nagy

Course and Section Number: ENG 1121 / E106

Date:                                          5/14/2019


My general area of study is:  The difficulty to get hired

1- After doing some preliminary research, I am able to note below at least one argument / discussion / problem that surrounds my area of study: Most of the companies required recent graduate or career shift employee to have long period experience or long internship while it hard to have that.

2- The people or community of people most affected by this problem are senior students that looking for internship, recent graduate, and the employee that shift their career.

3- Here are some key terms or phrases particularly associated with this issue. “internship” “interview” “ace” “position requirement” “qualification” “degree”

4- Here are the sources I have used so far to read about and otherwise learn about this issue. “zipjob” “” “livecareer” “indeed” “Glassdoor”