Student Name: Faisal Rahman

Course and Section Number: ENG-1121, E-106

Date: 05/13/19

UNIT 3 WORKSHEET 1 Note: the following are prompts to help you organize your work. Please make your answers clear and easy to read! Take all the space you need to answer the questions.


My general area of study is: soccer


  1. After doing some preliminary research, I am able to note below at least one argument / discussion / problem that surrounds my area of study:

Most Americans, unlike most people in the world, don’t like soccer. Through my research I found out that the reason for their uninterest in soccer:

  • the game consists of much fewer goals/points scored to their liking, unlike, say, American football or basketball.
  • There aren’t any “drinks break” or ad breaks in soccer. The only break is between the two halves of the game- after 45 minutes.
  • Soccer players are not tough enough and go down easily upon contact. They also dive to get foul calls.


  1. The people or community of people most affected by this problem are…:

Americans who like soccer, and secondly, Americans who dislike it as well. The ones who dislike it are being left out from the unity of a whooping 3.5 billion fans in the world. They are being left out from the beautiful game


  1. Here are some key terms or phrases particularly associated with this issue. (For example, if your proposal is about hiking, you might use phrases like “manageable distances,” “maps,” “excursions,” “rough terrain,” “backpack,” “dehydration,” “survival in the elements,” “pathfinding,” et al.):

Tedious; no drinks or ads break; players are soft; not enough goals/points