From geologist to translator, to yoga teacher, to mother, to nurse. After ten years in school and  nine years in university I thought I was done with being a student, but after becoming a mother I realized the need to change my profession again and go into medical field. Changing life, changing place, changing role, changing profession – everything changed in my life recently and I think I am finally finding out what really works for me.

Science degrees, scientific career, scientific research. I miserably failed in writing scientific articles. Why? I don’t know for sure. Maybe I didn’t really believe in what I was doing, maybe didn’t get help I didn’t realize I needed and thousand other “maybes”. The fact is it didn’t work out and I had to let it go. Now I feel every day that  I am in the right place and in the right time.

This semester of Spring 2019 in City Tech was challenging. For the first time I was confronted with the terrain of knowledge I was expected to master by mostly working one on one with the thickest book. I suppose such approach is designed to teach students to learn independently, but in reality, I felt like little kitten frown into the water, drowning.  I feel strong urge just to create more structured and to the point program for teaching in the way that can be easier understood and remembered. It’s the end pf the semester and things clearing up a bit and  I know that the next one will be better.

English class has been a breath of air for a drowning person. I think it worth something to hear it from someone like me, who’s a) not a native speaker; b) did not enjoy English I class at all. Allowing free writing and creative expression as oppose to emphasis on grammar made a huge difference. The class time was relaxing, yet productive and thought provoking. Afterwards I was usually left more relaxed, inspired and self-worthy again.

The best part about writing is that you never know what you’ll write until it appears on the paper. Self-discovery: it was challenging and a little bit scary to dig deeper into yourself, find new-old things there. For example, for me most creative and artistic outbursts happen during hardest times. I think, writing as a form of art acts like a vent for extra emotions you feel. Helps me vent out during hardest periods, but writing doesn’t naturally happen to me when I’m happy.

Everybody thinks differently. For me it is always been a challenge to convey what I mean in writing regardless the language. Expressing thoughts in clear and easy understandable way is the obstacle I often struggle with. Unit’s 1 Freedom essay opened my eyes to look at the writing as a process of rewriting, which is normal and necessary.

Genre switching unit 2 was very enjoyable for me. The hardest part was to choose the topic, but after that I was able to relax and have fun. I got to write a poem and was surprised to realize how much I miss that revealing and creative experience.

Research of unit 3 was and is challenging, not due lack of ideas and information, but due to overwhelming overflow of both. It felt like it could use more time but like with any research it can be endless without clear deadlines.

Dear Professor, thank you! I really, really enjoyed your class. It helped me to tap into my creative side and do some reflection on my life today, my goals and perspectives. I’m grateful for reminding me how it feels to write, pouring you thoughts and yourself on the paper.