Genre example- Analysis- My version

Realistic fiction short story:

Kame, Kind. A Falling Leaf. Teen Ink Magazine. Published November 2, 2018.


  • The things that people may say about the color of nature are capable of taking your breath away because its beauty sometimes and it visually pleasing
  • Somethings that people might disagree say that some colors aren’t that pleasant to the eye
  • The think of it as it expresses the beauty of the season even though see cant experience them anymore
  • The things that the author may argue back is how often do you see a solar eclipse?  How many times have you seen the northern light? Have you seen peacock’s feathers

My version:

I was tired one day so I did what tired people do.  So I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. As my mind wondered  I thought of all the things that I didn’t have. So I decided to start drawing everything that I didn’t have but wanted. The first thing I drew way a mansion, go kart track in the back yard , my own chef ,and even a indoor basketball court. I came to realize that my  drawing where coming to life and so the next thing I knew was that the was  living in this house that I drew. And when I realized what I could so I start drawing even more things money, fast and luxurious cars, clothes, even a helicopter, and my own business. So things were looking good because I living like a billionaire. One day driving to work in one of my amazing cars a truck hits me head on and jump screaming from my bed.


  1. Sarah Schmerler

    I like your story, Wilfny! I will comment on it later.
    More importantly for now, your analysis: I wanted you to analyze the type of writing — the form of writing — not this particular piece of writing by someone named Kind Kame.
    Is this a short story? what kind? what kind of person might read it? etc., etc.
    You can see my instructions.
    A good start.
    -Prof. S.
    P.S. You and the other writer have similar imaginations — very free. : )

    • Wilfny

      I updated the assignment so am I supposed to bring that hard copy on Monday

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