Table tennis is a very fun and enjoyable game. Ping-pong is the name actually caught on and we still use it today. When I was in high school I learn table tennis. I was an ESL student. I wasn’t able to speak with other students that I want to learn the game. One day I went to my math teacher and I told him I want to learn table tennis. The next day we went to practice. He teach me how to serve the ball and how to hold the paddle. After that we practice every day after school. Table tennis is a fast game that requires skills to win. One of the skills that every player masters is a perfect spin. Another important thing is how to face spin ball. My opponent try to different type of spins to make me fool. In order face the different type spins I have to hold my paddle different angle. I have to ensure that I have right equipment and high quality. Table tennis has physical and mental benefits to me. It engages my mind and demand quick strategies and decisions to win. It trains my mind to focus and make quick decisions based on your opponent’s actions.