Genre: Short Story

Mike and Bob we’re bored one Friday night  they had a very long week and wanted to do something exciting.  Mike was on Facebook and saw an ad for a new comedy club called Nick’s Comedy’s Club the reviews for it were through the roof, he told Bob, “Let’s go to this comedy club it seems like fun and they even have a sit down to eat so even if it sucks we can still eat.” Bob doesn’t really show much excitement for anything so he gives off a “Meh” and gets up and they’re off to the comedy club. They get to the comedy club and it is really alive music is pumping and the tables are all packed luckily they went on Friday which is no kids night so the jokes are a little bit more there speed. They finally find a seat and you hear alarms going off and lights point to the stage and a man walks out, “Greeting ladies and gentlemen my name is Nick I’m gonna be the host for the night hows everyone’s day slow dragging yea me too but now that you’re here we’re gonna put a little excitement into your lives. Nick starts doing a few skits and Mike is completely just loving it and Mike isn’t that impressed. Nick notices it and calls out Bob “Uh oh we have a frown in the crowd I got a special skit for you buddy and you could even be in it.” While Nick is walking down the stairs he trips down them and twists his ankle everybody else is silent and all you hear is one faint laughter and sure enough it is Bob in the back Nick here’s it and says, “It may have cost me a ankle but I got him to smile now someone to call me an ambulance.” The ambulance comes and Mike and Bob leave and Mike asks Bob what he thought of it. Bob’s answer completely surprises Mike, “I loved it I can’t wait to go next Friday this is one of the best places after a long week.” And Mike likes that idea and every Friday Mike and Bob and became great friends with Nick and he gave Bob his own skits to do and Bob learned how to finally put his awkwardness to good use.