How to be a good friend 


  • Listening  
  • Understanding  
  • Honesty  
  • Loyalty  
  • Available  
  • Good energy  
  • Communication  
  • Time 

How to: 

Step 1: If your meeting someone for the first time you will have to find some way start a conversation. It cam be about anything. Likes dislikes whatever.  

2: listen to what they say and piggy back off of it to keep the conversation going, to learn more about each other and their beliefs and opinions. 

3: exchange name and info in order to continue the conversation after both parties have left. 

4: if either person has something that their emotional about, listenunderstand then send encouragement, and give them positive advice. 

5: Communicate often to create a bond and a sense of trust, and try your best to sustain it daily.  

6: Stay loyal by never changing who you are for them or to go against them. (Be yourself). 

7: Be honesty no matter what comes up, fake nothing. A relationship built on fake wont last.  

8: Enjoy the memories you will share along your journey of becoming closer and closer friends.