Dear Daniel,                                                                                                                4/29/19

We are sorry to inform you that you are hereby being removed from Synergy Teams main team due to inactivity in the game. As stated on our page, we are looking for players who enjoy gaming and are consistently online. We strive to have a team where people can play and develop with one and other.  In our records you have participated in only 3 out of the previous 10 matches we had against competing teams. This lack of involvement has caused concern among the senior players in the clan. Due to your record in competitive matches we are placing you in the reserve team instead of removing you from the clan all together. As one of our experienced players, your job in the reserve team is to help train and guide our newer members through the basics of the game. These will include leading them through random matches, raids and basic strikes. Let us all continue to help one and other and rise through the ranks.


Clan Founder and Leader Shawn