Ingredients for wrestling.

Wrestling is combat involving grappling type of techniques such as clinch fighting, throws, take downs and pins.

Recipe for wrestling :

  • Ā Ingredients

1.Standing wrestling.

2.Underneath wrestling.


4.Greneral conditioning.




1. Standing wresting which is very important because you canĀ defend your legs, sprawling, hand control, hand fighting, head and shoulder positioning, blocking skills, a good stance, keeping good motion in a stance, snap downs, shrugs, and go-behinds.

2.Underneath wrestling theĀ Ā elements here are stands ups, escaping with correct hand control, sit outs, switches, rolls, defending from leg riding, and escaping leg riding.

3.Strength is very important becauseĀ wrestler should know his body type to build it into his/her ultimate wrestling machine, and that’s going to mean a different workout and regimen for each person. When it comes to strength training, there are a few elements that do apply to everyone such as power/explosion, and strength as in how much weight you can move.

4.General conditioning you can perform at your highest internist all match long with a clear and calm mind.

5.Fixability is you good for wrestles so he/she can not get Ā cramp while they are wrestling.

6. Nutrition is very good to us as wrestles so we ca gain energy.

7. Ā Attitude is nice for wrestles because bring from them Ā focus and motivation.