Zenabu. A Yahuza

Eng 1121 – E106

Prof. Schmerler


One of the beautiful quotes of famous John F. Kennedy is “The road to progress is freedom’s road.” One might ask what is freedom then? From my opinion freedom is an innate right which humans have since their birth. Therefore, is the choice to live one’s life doing what one wants, live where one wants, eat by own choice and learn what one’s heart desire.        


Freedom is not something that can be seen, touched, felt or reached. All this gives a thorough idea about what freedom is.

Different people have different opinion, definition and thoughts about the idea of freedom. Some talk about freedom in political sense, some talk about social freedom, some about personal independence and some define it as religious freedom. But the fact that everyone wants to be free, holds true in all cases.


Every society define and understand the concept of freedom in their own manner and enjoy their freedom the way they see and feel is appropriate to them. Enjoying our freedom does not mean that we take the rights of others for granted and live the way we feel right. We have to consider the rights and the feelings of people around us when living our freedom.

Similarly, a free person does not have to fear when expressing his opinion ensuring that others respect and feelings are not hurt.  

For that being said, freedom should not be deprived from any individual. Deprivation of freedom is like a punishment to human being. Therefore, as every individual is allowed to enjoy his or her freedom, but we can fail to realize that freedom has a limits and going beyond the limits can hurt others and can also hurt the individual as well.


For example, one can drive freely once a license is obtained, but one cannot run traffic lights or stop signs and should not speed as these violations put others at risk. Also every individual in a country has the freedom to speak in favor or against a government or to be part of the government but many people might take the advantage of this freedom to hurt others through hate speech or violent protest.

In conclusion, it is true that freedom is considered as a birth right and every individual in a given society is entitled to enjoy his or her freedom at any point in time or in any circumstances. But by doing that we should always remember with too much freedom comes a responsibility and has limits which we shouldn’t be go beyond as discussed in those examples.