1. How does Murray define writing? What is its purpose?

Writing skills is the process of using language to articulate an experience  in a thought provoking level of deep and profound literary communication.


2. Talk about what Murray means when he uses terms like “discovery” and “ignorance.”

Writing enables the writer to experience the discovery of meaning through their writing.  Rewriting engages the writer’s creative juices in its quest toward self discovery, or getting lost in their work, the characters, themes and plots that take many twists and turns during  during its creative and imaginative process.  Many such discoveries occur during the literary revision process.  Many feel  the shame and “ignorance” of not knowing what to write. The author personally knows colleagues who cannot believe that many successful writers created masterpieces  without knowing what they were going to write, let alone how the story would develop.


3. What is “product” vs. “process”?

Prewrite- everything that takes place before the first draft…85% of the writer’s time

Write- producing the first draft…takes the least amount of time

Rewrite-reconstruct subject, form and audience

The best process is to begin writing and students need to feel the teachers are confidant and not be the judge.


4. What is “internal revision”? What is “external revision?”

Internal: writers should have a lot of information through the brainstorming and researching process and select or reject words to arouse the discovery process of what they are writing about.


External: editing and proofreading  and making sure there is a logical, clear and concise writing piece.


5. Explain, in your own words, what Murray means by the following: “content,” “form and structure,” “language.”


A writer should use descriptive language that not only makes sense to the reader, but also encapsulates whatever the author is trying to convey in a clear, logical format.