I got on the R train on the way home at 8:36 pm. There were too many people on the train. When I sat down, I heard the lady sitting behind me chatting with her friend. She said,  “ I will fly to Florida next Tuesday for a vacation.” Her friends replied, “Sounds good! Wow, I’m so jealous! ” This is actually my response. I’m tired, mostly because I got home late at night. Where is my vacation? I needed to plan it in advance. The train stopped at the Atlantic Ave-Barclay Center station. With the door opening, I was surprised to hear someone was singing a classic Chinese song “The Moon Represents My Heart”. This is the first time I heard a Chinese song in the subway station, not only music. However the pronunciation is a little weird, but still recalled my memory in China. I figured out the singer is a black man from a video that my friend shared on Wechat the next day. I had to give him thumbs up. Before the train door closed, a beggar got on the train. He started his speech by: “Ladies and Gentlemen, sorry about bothering you……” We often meet beggar or homeless people on the subway, and they all have their stories. Some of them look very pitiful and helpless. I may give them some change if I do have at that time. But sometimes I think maybe some of them should have the ability to find a job instead of begging, at least they can make a good speech. The train quieted down for a while, all I hear is ding-dongs, the sound of doors opening and closing. I looked at the people around me enjoying music with earphones, playing games on the smartphone or taking a nap. They were all in their own world.