Jelani Barro
ENG 1121 – E-115
Instructor: Sarah Schmerler

    Recipe For Bowling

1. 2 hands of fun
2. 1 bowling ball
3. 1 pair of bowling shoes
4. 1 bowling alley
5. 6 bowling pins
Optional – bowling team


1. Get bowling shoes

2. Pick out bowling ball – The ball shoed fit comfortably in the palm of your hands. Your fingers should fit comfortably in the holes on the ball, which allows your to cup the ball with your palms, and your fingers should have room at the tips.

3. When it’s your turn to bowl – pick up your ball with both hands.

4. Position the ball by your chest

5. As you step onto the floor with your left foot (switch foot position if your left handed), use both hands to lift the ball up and away from your chest.

6. As you step again, start off with your right foot this time. Then separate your left hand from the ball as you start to swing the ball out and down in from of you with your right hand.

7. As you step out again, with your left foot, your left hand should swing out in front of you as you swing the ball behind you with your right hand.

8. Then, as you bring your right foot out in front of you, swing the ball to the front of you as you aim towards the 6 pins – using the arrows in the alley to help guide you and release the ball in the direction of you estimated, with your right foot in front of you at this time.

9. Have fun!


Tips: the alley has been treated with oil, so be light on your feet and use gliding motions in order to prevent slipping.