1) According to Donald Murray “writing is rewriting” he explains many find it a burden while others accept its condition. The rewriting gives a chance to perfect the story you have written. There is no such a mistake in writing, each writing have unlimited that means there is no score, yet you write for better. In addition there are many opportunities and strengthen you gain from your writing.

2) Donald Murray explains that discovery is a process of using language to discover meaning in experience and to comminute it. The more words you discovery the more vivid and better your writing will be. The discovery used by your creativity in writing where a writers discovers ideas while writing and “ignorance” is were also writers makes progress from their lack of knowledge in writing and understanding the words used.

3)The process and product explained in the text is important  in life and we should be able to find a way to build high quality products with focus and efficiency. The product and process approaches originally appeared in education as different strategies for approach in writing.

4) External revision can involve the processes which are difficult and challenging such advertisements, proofreading, editing and etc. Internal revision is a process which Murray finds to be normally passed on or overlooked by writers. It involves the process of revising your work to improve forms of language, grammar, context and voice.

5) Content is something we should take some time and research new information on the subject matter you are going to write about and search for new content. Form and structure means creating the beginning, middle and end to your story so writing a draft to formulate these concepts and ideas. Language leads the writer to a certain style and flow sort of looking and searching for more words to make the story vivid and alive. The reader would have a really vivd description in their mind of your story.