Finally, somebody voicing an honest opinion about difficulties of writing. I’ve been waiting to hear this for so long! “Shitty First Draft” is  what I’ve been doing all my life, I just called them “drafts” and more then the first were “shitty”. So, no, I am not surprised at the chapter’s title, I am relieved!

Do you write a “down draft,” an “up draft,” and a “dental draft” like Lamott says? Ha-ha, very funny! I usually write those and more, because ” there is no limit for perfection”, meaning you always can make it better. The problem is finishing. When do you decide that this is it? I’m still not clear for that question…

I’m old fashioned I like to write by hand using pencil on a paper. Next step is to stop, go have some tea or do something else. Then with fresh eyes I’d go through the text with a marker. After this I’m ready to type and fix all my marked places. Next, I would print that out and after another break I’ll fix the printed version again and the process  of typing and printing repeats at least once more… or endless times.

P.S. Reading this chapter made me interested about the whole book. Maybe, someday, when I have the time I read it.