Materials Needed:

1 Flat surface (preferably smooth)

1 body

2 Legs (legs are helpful!, but not required);

2 Arms (helpful as well, but you can manage without them)

1 Spirit (only 1, but a very broad and all-embracing 1 is best)

1 piece of Music

1 large compulsion to move when you hear or otherwise think of rhythm

1 Ego that can withstand the worry about how stupid you probably will look to other people

Self confidence (1 large bushel)

At least 1 sense of rhythm recommended (but you can get away without it if you have to)


  1. Get some music. Listen closely to it. If you listen well, your dance will be good; if you don’t, you may well look pathetic.
  2. Allow your body to sway/step or otherwise depart from the position in which you originally find yourself.
  3. Feel free to repeat this movement many times in an order that corresponds with your music.
  4. Smile. This helps you dance better. People often forget to do this.
  5. Remember that good dance is not about “steps” but about “weight” and “form in space.” Think about how you distribute your weight when you step or otherwise move.
  6. Respect the space of the people dancing around you — don’t hurt or otherwise impede them from doing their thing.


Up to 200 people on a club floor.