In this excerpt it talks about writers always having a shitty first draft except one person. So she started talking about how this one person is the exception to having a terrible first draft and I dont know who that is. I don’t normally pass the first draft because of how much time it takes, but it does turn out quite crappy so I would just edit it and call it a day. But what she said made a lot of sense the first time is rarely ever good, and that it takes about three tries which is a good number. But three drafts. That’s alot and whats the crazy part is that you can write a lot and none of it would be good until the last part. That I would not be able to do, but I certainly respect the effort you have to put in. I also didn’t know that writers could have such chaotic minds. So much so they have to go so far and have to mentally visualize themselves shutting it all off in order to get good work done. That part of the writer life I rather not have to deal with.