Raja Ummar


Freedom Essay

Freedom in dictionary is defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. I think freedom is more mental than physical. There are many ways we are limited in what we can do, from not be able to carry weapons into an airport to taking any car you want from the street. But we still consider ourselves free because all or atleast most of the people support these laws being enforced. We can be locked up in prison but still feel free if we are able to do things we like, like Malcolm X. Freedom is more mental than physical.

Malcolm X was sent to prison, which forced him to broaden his vocabulary in order to express himself better in his letters. This also led to him falling in love with reading books and fulfilling his curiosities. He felt free when he allowed to read however much he wants in prison. If the police stopped giving access to books and didn’t allow him to read after he just had learned to read and understand books, he would not feel free anymore.

For me, my parents are very strict and always have been strict. I wasn’t allowed to allowed to stay out past 8pm, and even during the day, no more than 4 hours. So I had to find something to do at home. Although it’s not as productive as Malcolm X, but I started playing video games and it was a great way to pass time. I played several different types of games including sport games. This also led me to taking interest in basketball. There was a park in front of home, I was allowed to play however long I want because my parents knew where I was. This made me feel free.

Freedom comes with happiness, as Malcolm X was happy reading a lot of books in prison, other might feel trapped if they were forced to read 2 hours every day. Some people who make a lot of money from their job but hate their jobs might not feel free but people who make less money but love their job may feel more happy and not trapped at their jobs.

Freedom is more mental than physical part of our lives. Some might not feel free if they are not allowed to go outside at night but other might feel more free than ever if they can go outside at all.