Wilfny Pelissier

Think back on your childhood how was it? Well I had great childhood, I was way more socially activate compare to myself now. I was active in school play every single sport that they had to offer, art classes and even attend hip-hop dance classes that my school offer at the time because my elementary school was a performing arts school. So for me going to school was amazing time for me because i was always doing something. But when i can home i felt that my days were cut short. This was so because i go home and usually do homework then the day would end and spend the next ten to eleven hours in bed waiting for the next day.     

The bedtime something that many kids are subjected to when growing up. I believe that mine was more harsh than anybody else’s because i had to be in bed at 8 pm. In school i asked my friends if they had bedtimes across the years that i slept at this time their answers was usually none slept around 10 and hearing their responses made me angrier because my hours staying up were so limited. Sometimes i would ask why do i have to sleep at this time and told off that “oh because you have to”. Also hearing the same thing for so long made me mad, who would because what kind of response is that.  

I was fed up living like so when i was in the 9th or the 10th grade i told my older brother who gave the bogus bedtime rule that there is no reason for me to be sleeping at this time because it is wack. So my brother of course didn’t expect what i said at first, so i ask him the famous question again why do i have to sleep at this time? Looking dumbfounded I get good grades and get good grades so there isn’t a reason for me to doing this especially when have basketball practice and other things that i can do after school, and so he just said alright. Looking back now oh boy i hate and ashamed that fact that i had to do this up until high school which is crazy to have such a restriction. This the only thing i hated about my childhood.