My prep school’s crest up above taught me about what it means to have a good character – Virtue and Truth!


Books/Nursery Rhymes:

Humpty Dumpty – Taught me not to be greedy and to be satisfied with what I have.
The Three Little Pigs – Taught me the importance of always doing my best, not to be lazy.
Alice in Wonderland – Taught me how to be more accepting of the differences in others and not to be afraid of them.
Little Red Riding Hood – Taught me to be careful of people I didn’t know – everyone is not meant to be trusted, some people may want to hurt you.
Greek Literature Class in Prep School – We would read all the stories about Greek mythology. We would take turns in class reading about the different Greek Gods and the moral of the stories they taught me. This was my first inclination that other people and cultures did all have the same God and belief systems as I was being taught – It taught me to be accepting of different culture and to have an open mind to better understand the world.
The Holy Bible – The Bible taught me the concept of good vs. evil. It also made me into a deep thinker and to question things/life. It taught me about spirituality and to look beyond myself.
“Lord of The Flies” by William Golding – This book taught me about leadership, the dangers of group think and to always be prepared for the unexpected moments in life.



Dirty Dancing by Eleanor Bergstein – allowed me to see for the first time that other people enjoyed dancing just as much as I did and the importance of being accepting of others – regardless of their social class.

Annie by Carol Sobieski – taught me about children being in orphanages and if Annie could overcome all of her tribulations, so could I.

Revenge of the Nerds (and all sequels) by various writers – Taught me that it was okay to be smart, different and accepting of everyone’s differences. We are all unique and can contribute our efforts to be successful when we work together.