My fears is about life after death. As a Muslim I belives their is life after death. We have two option either Haven or Hell. I am worried about Hell.In Islam, Hell is described in very graphic terms in both the Koran and the Hadith. Their theology teaches that there are several levels of Hell. The first level of Hell is reserved for Muslim sinners, the second is for idolaters who were polytheists, the third level is for worshippers of fire, and the fourth level is for atheists. By the time you get to the fifth and sixth levels you find out who are the real enemies of Islam because the fifth is reserved for Jews and the sixth for the Christians. The seventh and last is for hypocrites which could include Muslims. All Muslims who have not pleased God will also fall into one of the hells, but by the grace of Allah, they can be brought out. It is true that as Christians, we have a fiery Hell as a part of our theology, but we concentrate more on Heaven than on Hell. In the holy writings of Islam there are very graphic descriptions of the pain and torment that will be experience by those in Hell. Such graphic details as skin being slowly peeled off the body only to grow back again and peeled off again and again, bloated stomachs exploding because of the liquid they drink, and other painful experiences are vividly described. Reading such descriptions only elevate the fear level in believers.

    To overcome my fears what I do practice Islam as much as you can, respect yours parents, find a teacher, keep away from debates and arguments, understand Islam’s organic nature, maintain your identity, force myself go to masjid, avoid loneliness, stay away from extremism, and do not despair.