My day before school “no the”

As a full time mom my days are pretty busy. Before coming to this class I wanted to make sure my baby boy is being fed  even though, my husband takes care of him while I’m in school. And by the way he is going to be four months old on February 1st. When I was leaving my place I notice my little baby’s eyes were following me, that melted my heart.

I got to school by train, usually I take 5 sometimes 2 train. After we had a nice winter break pretty sure everyone kinda relaxed. However, we all each of us here to pursue our dream and to achieve our goals.

Finally, I arrived. Time is 10 minutes to 6 p.m. and of course crazy line to get into elevator. I didn’t want to waist my time and decided to use stairs to get to my classroom which is on floor 10. Glad that I walked, by  using stairs got on time and had a cardio exercise.

Professor enters, and surprisingly plays some nice music. Other professors that I’ve had before they were formal and strict. So, class started in a good way and I hope will be enjoying English class this semester.


  1. Aizhan,
    I really enjoyed reading this. I wonder if you would mind if I used it as an example to the class? I feel that, with some more punctuation and a few light edits, your piece could really “sing.” Would demonstrating/editing it in public be uncomfortable for you? It would be helpful to the students to learn by watching someone else take the attention : ). However, I understand if not okay. Let me know if you prefer I do this in private.
    All my best (and belated happy birthday to your son!!),
    -Prof. S.

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