Author: Cornel S

[Cornel Saintfleur] Lipogram 1

Life is change. Everyday as we say bye a new day arises. We the humans race understand that change is inevitable and we can’t change the inevitable. We can try preparing but change can’t speak. We will never see it. It just happens. Will change ever end? Well that depends will life end and if then what happens. Is change necessarily bad? Change can affect lives in many ways.


I’m tired of the online class because I feel I work better in a classroom environment. There’s a lot of distractions which makes it hard to focus on occasion. I like the conversation during class but I feel I would be more involved if I wasn’t sitting in a comfy chair.


I chose this picture because this is how I feel on most days especially with classes and work. Being online in the comfort of your house can be a distraction by itself . Sometimes you think in your head what would you rather finish your classwork or go take a nap but I feel like as long as I stay on track work will win.