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Overcoming an Obstacle 

In youth years kids are expected to go to school to learn and write in order to excel and go onto the next grade, for many kids to came to ease for them but when it came to me I always felt like I was not able to comprehend the things being taught by the teacher and my grades started to reflect on that. In kindergarten my teacher, Ms Milmore had a discussion with my mom, dad and myself to express her concern in my academic area and she suggested that it is possible that it is a speech impediment and that seeking help by teachers will be needed for me to pass kindergarten. That conversation is vivid to me till this day because I remember seeing another kid in class with an extra teacher and kids laugh at him and I truly did not want that to be me. At first I begged my mom to just let me stay home but when I look back I knew I wouldn’t win that argument and part of me is glad I didn’t. A new week started and the first period came and that is when Ms.B came into the room, a middle aged woman with striking blonde hair and I knew she was there for me. Ms.B and Ms.Milmore had a discussion outside of the class then called my name to go outside and that’s when we walked in her room to talk and go over the basics and part of me just did not want to talk. She went into how we will spend time in her office and how she will come sit in class with me and help me understand things and I was not on board at all. Part of Ms.B knew I was not excited about this at all so she said we can stay in her office for the remainder of the week and starting next we will move into the classroom.When we transitioned into the classroom I tried to block her out as if she was not there but she kept budging and eventually I just let her in because my mom explained she wasn’t there to do no harm. Overtime Ms.B became one of the most impactful people in my life, she continuously helped me and she broke down the work and explained it on a level I understood so when her and her family decided to move when I was in the fourth grade it devastated me because I confined in her not with only school but with pretty much everything. When Ms.B left my speech impediment was nowhere near defeated so Ms.Rachel took her position in my life and we instantly clicked as if Ms.B never left. We got along instantly because I knew what was expected and what she was there for, with Ms.B she broke down the work to a level of understatement that was beneficial towards my comfort zone and with Ms.Rachel she helped me get over my problem with mispronouncing words. I had a hard time saying words that started with a “R”, such as “rainbow”,”red” and “rainy” but Ms.Rachel never gave up on trying to teach me the correct pronunciation. Ms.Rachel was by my side until my eight grade year and there was no more shame in having a little more help because I realized over the years, it was better for me and my education if I wanted to pursue the lifestyle I dreamt of for years. Having a speech impediment was something that impacted my life but it made me meet two teachers that till this day, I still have contact with and that changed my life for the better. They both showed me no matter how far someone pushes you it’s okay to stay around sometimes if it is beneficial in some way and to never give up even if other people make it difficult. 

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