“After you have read more than ten thousand volumes, you will find it easy to write as if God were there helping you”,this is a very famous sentence that was written by the ancients in China, this means that you must read more to write a good article. We have read a lot since we were born, and we learned a lot from reading. Reading can change a person’s temperament, reading can enrich one’s talk, and enrich one’s thoughts.

      When I was in elementary school, we had to know its pinyin to learn the vocabulary. But I always know the word and its definition  before I learn the pinyin, because the adult has said the word many times in front of me. However pinyin is  still a very important skill to learn everything else. I love to read novels and fairy tales after school. The development of the story inside attracted me deeply, even though there are some words I don’t even know. I will look it up after if I feel that word is a very important connection point that connects two paragraphs together.   

      The first time I met with English was fifth grade, to be honest I don’t like English at all, the way it is spelled and the way it talks. This cause my test grade never went above 60, but I wish I can go back and study it with all my time  now. Skip a few years to the time I was in high school in the US, the first high school I was in,  “Murry Bergtraum high school”. I can barely understand what the teacher said when I sat there. My favorite class are the math and  “ESL”, English as a second language, and I met my first English teacher who is Ms. Tao. She didn’t teach me a lot about reading, but she did teach me how to memorize the vocabulary and the grammar of the sentence. I transferred to “ New York Harbor school” in my second year of the school. This is a very cool school, every student has to take the ferry to the school, and we can see the Hudson river and Statue of liberty, this is also the school I graduated from. And I met my second ESL teacher, Leslie Chow, she helped me a lot, almost everything in school, the most important skill she taught is how to read. First I know that I need to annotate and write down the summary of each paragraph in the margin. Second, copy down the vocabulary that is important or you don’t know, so you can look it up and learn it afterward.  Third, finding the central idea of the article. These are very useful skills I am still using. 

      In conclusion, the advantage of reading is that it improves the quality of life. It fills in the blanks in our lives and prevents us from doing nothing in our great years. From books, we learn to extract useful information and absorb the knowledge needed for growth.  Therefore, we must study seriously and fully realize the importance of reading to improve our lives.