I’m excited but nervous at the same time because this is basically my first online semester. I enjoy reading and writing but sometimes I get stuck and nothing to write about comes to my mind. I think online classes are quite more difficult than in person but I feel ready. I actually took a semester off because I felt so lost. My first semester was pretty much wasted time and money because I thought I would love architecture but even though the professors were great, it just wasn’t for me. I went from architecture to wanting to be a vet, to wanting to be a doctor, and my mind was just all over the place. However, during that semester off I found myself and  what I want to do now and in my future. I think finding yourself truly is difficult, so I’m really happy I got to do it.


(I had to make the picture a pdf because it wouldn’t let me upload the picture.)

This is a picture of a tattoo I recently got. It’s not the best picture but it was pretty hard to take it because it’s on the side of my wrist. This is meaningful to me because Eva is my paternal grandmother’s name, and the initials of my three sisters; Emma, Valentina, and Aylin. This was never planned, it was just a coincidence, so I thought that was pretty cool. Now I have my sisters and grandma on my skin forever.