End of Semester

Yes, it’s that time.

If you look at the bottom of your Final Portfolios, you will see a grading rubric. (likewise for other late documents, if you know who you are)
The final semester grades have just gone up on CUNYFirst.

It’s been a tough semester, but also a rewarding one.

If we were in person, we would have a last class party and a group picture.

I am not good at videos (as you can see!), but I made this one of last-classes I’ve photographed over the years, to give you a taste of what the end of term feels like. It has been great getting to know you and be your teacher, and I have found your words to be truly inspiring. I hope you will go on  to trust in the Process of writing, and know that you will learn from yourSelves as you go on, and get stronger and stronger. Remember: writing is what brought us together!

Have a wonderful and safe summer. And I apologize for the abrupt ending, below.

Now go outside and enjoy the weather, or maybe pick up a pen and write to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, now that your coursework is done.

WEEK 16 home stretch announcement

You are a creative and smart group of students, and you faced a lot of challenges this semester (including your own teacher’s!). Hey, my update in this week of finals is this: keep facing your challenges.

If you did the Final Portfolio on time, I noted that, and gave you class participation points for it! Bravo. I will grade them soon.


If you didn’t make it through that home stretch, please don’t give up. You NEED a Final Portfolio to pass a class that has no Final Exam, and that’s exactly what this is. I wrote to a few of you via email. I just wanted to write here as well.  I am around tonight and tomorrow, and OpenLab allows private comments and posts.


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