Assignments Present and Past

Rough Draft is due for check by professor May 11.


Make an in-progress Citation List of Five Sources.* These are sources you have gone to to read and otherwise learn about your topic and have used to help you form your Beliefs on your Topic. Hand them in to the Professor on Tuesday, May 9. They do not have to be typed, but, next to each Source, evaluate, in brief, what you know to be the “agenda” or slant of that source. Is it trustworthy?

*Conversations/Interviews with Other People count (just document their name and the date); Internet Resources and Searches Count; Library Research and Database Research Counts as acceptable on this in-progress list.

***Past Assignments******

Bring in your In-Formation folders to class. Make at least two pages of notes (this can include questions, outlines, paraphrases of sources, interviews–anything that fleshes out your topic) and put them in your In-Formation folder. If you want to continue to ideate your topic with the Professor, showing her your In-Formation folder and materials will be most helpful. Find YOUR THESIS SENTENCE. Copy it and hand it in to the Professor for approval.


Over Spring Break: Choose your research paper topic. Write a paragraph saying why you chose this topic and put it in your “In-formation” folder. Be prepared to discuss on April 18. (Note: Thursday, April 20 follows a Monday schedule and we will not be meeting! Changes made here. -ss) Begin sketching out a plan for your research papers in your journals, including possible source materials.

April 25. Research paper topic submission and review of presentation In-Formation assessments

April 27. Submit your Thesis Statement (you know what this is from 1101 – it can be very short, but it must be well considered. (It may still be revised later but only with Professor’s approval.)

Next Journal Check Day: May 2 (subject to revision)

Research Papers Due: May 18



Read and summarize and respond to the Forecast article on your birthday timeline. Link here.


The Presentations continue. Please be on time and prepared so that we can accommodate everyone, sticking to our time allotment of 5 minutes. Everyone has been amazing. We are culling a new book “shelf” based on excerpts from student “shelves.” A new assignment will be generated from our responses to our fellow students.

Important upcoming dates: April 4: Midterm Practice Test Day (we will prep for the test on April 6).

April 6: Take Midterm in class. Be on time.

And looking way ahead…

Final Exam Day: May 23

Class Party Day: May 25


Thank you Sharie and Andrew. Those test presentations were amazing! Five more students are going to test out our presentation method. Please give them your full attention and respect, along with helpful suggestions. Write down any issues you feel you may encounter with your own personal presentations and bring them up in class on Tues, 21. We will then circulate a sign up sheet with 7-minute slots for the rest of the class to present.


Please subscribe to the Atlantic Monthly‘s Newsletters called “The Atlantic Daily” and “Top Videos This Week” (2 separate features). This Newsletter feature is located at the bottom of the Atlantic’s homepage, link here. You will need to scroll down. Discuss or otherwise describe at least one news item you read or at least one video you watched in your journal.

March 14 is Journal Check. Bring in your journals (all handwritten work and any handouts you have received thusfar).


March 7 is Library Day. Meet at the library entrance, 4th floor, for roll call — not in the classroom — 8:30AM. The Librarian will take us in for activities and orientation.

On March 9, please bring in your new “constraint” writing exercise about yourself — Describing yourself/talking about yourself without using adjectives.* Handwritten. No length limit. We will delay our Journal Check Day to March 14 so that we can work on this.

*Note: If you are facing challenges in this writing assignment, try beginning with the following phrase prompt to break the ice: “I am the kind of person who….” Using this prompt, you may discover that, in describing actions, you get a good “work around” from simply using adjectives like “I am funny”; “I am a very serious person” etc.


Congratulations, Class. By the end of next week, you will have completed a sizable amount of writing for the semester. I will be giving you feedback thereafter on your writing styles and areas of concern so that we can have a strong Mid-Term season later on. Remember: all the papers you are writing thus far are only 10% of your grade, each. Okay, here is your next assignment, due March 2nd:

Continue with your “Inner/Outer Dialogue” work and journaling as we have discussed at length in class. Try to amass a length of approximately 500 words, and hand it in, double-spaced, typed. As we said before, you should simply be clear and consistent in your format. Introduce the various passages with a sense of the setting. I will post four different ideas for formatting on the he HOME PAGE of this site so please take a look at those examples if you need any help.


Due Feb 21 —  Recording of “Inner/Outer Dialogues” (journal):

Take any size journal that you are comfortable carrying. Work in transit whenever possible — subways, buses — or in common public places like a coffee shop, etc. Note down what you hear other people around you saying (Outer Dialogues) and what you find yourself saying to yourself/thinking/feeling (Inner Dialogues). There is no length on this assignment at present. It will be helpful for you to make note of the times and settings of where you did your dialogue recording. For instance, “Number 7 Train, 10:00AM, packed rush hour car…” You can record sounds, other impressions, if you like. It’s possible that the train you are on may be silent. : )

Handwritten for now is fine.

Due Thurs, Feb. 23: The same writing you have been doing about your family (without the word “the”) only expanded into 500 words, double-spaced, typed. This is a letter-graded assignment. You may use any easy-to-read 12-point font you wish. Your name, course and section number, and the instructor’s name go on the first page.


Update: Classes were cancelled at CUNY today, Feb 9, on account of the weather, so we will read your work aloud (that was due today, see below) on our next class, Feb 14.

Planning ahead: your first paper will be due for me on Feb. 21. I will give you the assignment on Feb 14 when we next meet. -ss


Great Job on reading and writing and commenting today. Your next assignment is as follows, due Feb 9:

New Assignment: Once again you will not use the word “the” in your writing. This time, tell me about your family — any aspects you wish, your home life, what sort of world you come from. We might share some of this, just to hear how it’s going, next class. However, it isn’t due until next Thurs, Feb 9. You can hand write it, like last time.


Your first assignment, due on Thursday, Feb. 2, is:

Write about what happened on your first day of school — you can include your expectations, how you woke up, how you got to school, how the day really went vs. those expectations — anything of that nature only: do not use the word “the.”

Handwritten is fine. No length requirement. (These will go in your journals.)